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Questions about uploading images

Hi all


Just creating this space for discussion/questions about uploading images, which come up sometimes Smiley Happy


@Scarecrowe you mentioned wanting to be able upload images. I'm not sure how far you've made it in doing so, so I thought I'd start from the start (apologies if you've already worked this part out!). 


On desktop you can upload an image by using the "reply" button (not quick reply). That will bring you to this screen:




I've highlighted the photos button which you press to bring up this screen




In that screen you'll see where you can select which album you'd like to place the image in (where it says "profile" - I usually click that and put mine in "hidden" though it doesn't matter where you put them), as well as the "choose files" button to bring up what image you'd like to upload.


I usually save any photos I'd like to share here on the forum, to the desktop on my laptop to make them easy to find and also delete as I won't usually use them again. 


Same kind of thing for mobile. You can upload a pic by using the "reply" button (not quick reply) which brings up this screen




Upload image button is highlighted above. 


Hope that helps a bit. If you have any questions or get stuck please ask. There are heaps of us around to help out Smiley Happy 


Re: Questions about uploading images



How is this @CheerBear 


thanks for your help.................................

I had sort of figured that bit out but still needed a guiding hand.....

it is the bit where you find an image on the net then send it to your computer.....half the time i can't find where it goes.............or if it actually got to my computer in the first place....that is where i have huge problems........

but I will keep fiddling around now and hope I get more of an understanding on what I am doing............................

you are a legend Heart




Re: Questions about uploading images

You did it @Scarecrowe! 👍

I thought you might have figured that part out but wasn't sure.

I save files like this to 'desktop' on my computer because I lose them otherwise! Not sure if that helps but it's the one tip I have from that side of things.

Go you for working at it 🙂❤

Ps yay for Cabbage Patch kids! 😁

Re: Questions about uploading images

I needed that helping hand @CheerBear  to get me over the line........otherwise I would still be unsure of what I was doing.........


Thanks so much for being a great teacher lol.......

When you know how it seems so easy, but when you don't know it seems the most difficult of tasks........


Wow how huge were the Cabbage Patch kids in the day............massive!!!!!!



Re: Questions about uploading images

You are sooo awesome @CheerBear  xxxx


Re: Questions about uploading images

Good morning @nashy

I am wondering if there is a problem loading pictures again.


Re: Questions about uploading images

Hey there @Darcy what's happening for you Smiley Happy


Re: Questions about uploading images

Could not get any images to load this morning @nashy  but just tried again and what do you know ... no problemo.


Re: Questions about uploading images

@Darcy Glad to hear Smiley Happy It could just be that the moderator didn't approve them straight away. Keep us updated if it continues to happen!



Re: Questions about uploading images

It wasn't a moderation issue @nashy , was getting an error message when trying to upload the pictures prior to posting.

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