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Looking after ourselves


Crisis supporters

I would like to send a thanks to all the Volunteer Crisis Supporters out there if any are listening.

I think they do a wonderful job by dedicating there time to answer a phone when there is nobody else to listen , sure they don't get it right all the time but just being there is enough sometimes , when nobody else will listen .

After all most are ordinary people off the street with a little training , trying to make a small contribution to a big problem , Mental Health & Loneliness.

Most are well meaning , caring people but like everywhere else sometimes they get it wrong but so do the Professionals .

Anyway keep up the good work Guys and Girls and to anybody thinking of Volunteering there time ,I'm sure can always do with more people to answer a phone, I read they get over 2500 calls a day just at Lifeline then there is Mensline, Beyond Blue and all the other Help Lines.


Re: Crisis supporters

@Scout thanks for the like,my first post !

Re: Crisis supporters

That is really thoughtful and kind @chip, thank YOU!

Abig warm welcome to the forums from myself, it is lovely to meet you Smiley Happy

Re: Crisis supporters

@Lunar Hi, and thankyou, I am new to this being my first post ,so its nice to get some feedback.

i am interested to learn as much as I can about M I, I suffer from D and Social Anxiety but have been able to function in society reasonable, although I suffer from loneliness and Isolation I have found ways to cope. I have found the simple things like Nature , Animals and helping others helps to some degree.

But I am sure there are ways we can all help people with a M I we just all need to be more caring and understanding to our differences , things are changing , I see it in my job and here on these Forums how caring people can be.  of course there are always people out there that will take advantage of the vulnerable we just need to be careful as well.

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