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Looking after ourselves

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Hi @Darcy 

yes my decluttering is progressing - filing done ✅ clothes resorted ✅ this weekend is time to do tax urghhhh ... and maybe some more sorting of books maybe ???

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

ship ground.jpeg

Thanks @Darcy  @Faith-and-Hope  Appreciate it. Snd So impressed with all you've done too @Sophie1  @Adge  Home maintenance is never ending. I've 'run a ground' today (shipwreck lol), but will try again tomorrow. Take care 💜


Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Hi @Darcy et al...

I wasn't as productive as I was hoping to be at my parents' house, due to coming down with a cold. Smiley Frustrated That also meant I only visited them on the first day there, as I was very obviously unwell by the next day. Not wise taking contagious diseases into an aged care home... hopefully no-one picked it up off me that first day.

But as I was there with my sister, she was able to get quite a bit done, with me briefly "reviewing" her decisions afterwards.
We've decided we're not going to try to have a garage sale. Neither of us have the energy to organise it, and it's all taking too long. There's no room to move when everything ends up staying in the house until-whenever. So that frees us up to donate stuff to the op shops instead. A bunch of books and magazines, some bric-a-brac and some clothing are now gone. Hope someone else gives them a good home.
We're putting aside a few things that may be worth selling on or passing on to particular groups. I'm keeping aside the best of the books to see if a second hand bookshop will take them, ditto the better quality bric-a-brac, which we'll present to one of the local antiqueries. I'll take some of the garden books along to our garden club meetings, and I'm going to see if I can pass on craft materials to our church's and some other craft groups. Anything they don't want, maybe the local kinder might take it?
But then of course there were the things we both wanted to keep that have "followed us home"... so once I'm feeling better, hopefully I can properly pack those away, and find a few things of our own to rehome.
Really really need to make some space here to bring back the big things.

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Had some old asbestos panels removed today. These were likely left over 'weatherboards' from when house was built. 

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Couple of small jobs done this week.

- Two small piles of items ready to give to people who said they could use them. 

- Sorted some gardening gear into 3 small containers. 



Re: Decluttering and home maintenance




Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

very true @Darcy Smiley LOL

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

LOL @Darcy 

Darling used to drive me mad with her constant vacuuming and dusting...

Until she spent time away and I saw just how quickly things accumulated. Don't complain now. More of can I help with that though 😊



Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

What a difference having a professional makes when it comes to house plans. We had an idea as to how we could renovate our place, but the draftsperson who we have engaged to draw up the plans offered some practical ideas that will both reduce costs and makes better use of the space we have. 🙌🙌🙌

Re: Decluttering and home maintenance

Slowly but surely things are coming together at new place.   


Dropped off one lot of stuff today that we had set aside for someone in need, 6 items no longer collecting dust at our place 👍


With a little help from a friend we reassembled a single bed.

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