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Osteoarthritis and tenosynovitis

Does anyone have any experience with these conditions?


Re: Osteoarthritis and tenosynovitis

@outlander hey, yes I have osteoarthritis pretty much in my major joints, and I've tenosynovitis flares ups in my feet as well as plantar fascitis. If I'm careful with how I use my body with lifting, transferring, etc correctly I mostly can be pain free a lot of the time. I'm a nurse, so it's drilled into our annual mandatory training to avoid lifting. Not so easy to avoid lifting, twisting and turning on the job when patients refuse to help or are unable, and it takes to long to get a second nurse. I do the best I can, but flare ups (like yours) are damn painful & often debilitating. I try not to take any inflammatory medication, but sometimes I have no choice. In summer I swim to help my shoulders and hips, and I should be walking right now, but my depression has made me super unmotivated to do much at all. If you haven't already, get a good physio, who will teach you safe techniques, wear your support orthotics always. Hopefully in time, it will settle down.

Re: Osteoarthritis and tenosynovitis

im generally good when lifting etc- ive learnt how to eb as ive got the same thing in my slipped disk in my neck. @Sans911

i havent gotten in to see a physio as yet. im trying not to rely on medications as i know anti-inflammatories can cause damge if used long term and this is a long term thing.

why couldnt this happen when i was older- id love to live a pain free life but i guess its not meant to be hey.

im unable to swim becasue of some unkown reason i have an allergic reaction to any water even the ocean. i get rashes and itch like crazy! so thats not really an option for me.


i was thinking of become a nurse myself but i dont think i can handle that, i cant even handle me right now.


thank you for responding it means alot ..

is it better to get a physio who is specialises in feet and sport injuries?

ive got a podiatrist that i see for orthotics at the moment as well


Re: Osteoarthritis and tenosynovitis

@outlander Bummer about the water allergy. I don't like beaches, only to walk on, not swimming. Swimming for me is also very mindful and calming. Definitely when you can, get a physio. Most of them specialise in all injuries, inflammation and chronic pain. And about getting pain when older-it doesn't always happen that way.

I first had issues with my feet in my late 20s, then Ive had oa in my knees since I was 30, then I tore ligaments in my right shoulder about 2years ago, which lead to a extremely painful frozen shoulder. It's fine now, gives me aches and pains every so often, but now the left is paining in sympathy I think! Arrgh! I'm in my mid 40s now, so I've had pain on and off most of my adult life (2 neck injuries & 1 head injury to top it off!)

You can be a nurse, hun, anytime you want. I went to uni in my mid 20s. It wasn't easy, but I've enjoyed my career immensely. Unfortunately of late it's become less enjoyable, but that's just my journey and it doesn't mean yours will be the same. I just have to get out of this shitty depression pit & find another direction. That's what's great about nursing; so many areas to work in.

Re: Osteoarthritis and tenosynovitis

So maybe theres a chance if i take preventative action now the pain not be as bad when im older? @Sans911
Like physio, strapping maybe a suppliment for joint rejuvenation. ....

Yes theres soo many nursing fields! More than what i know about for sure

Re: Osteoarthritis and tenosynovitis

@outlander definitely get on top of it now while you can. Then as you get older, you should have less pain and discomfort. It's all about knowing your body's responses too, and acting early when discomfort or pain strikes. It's about learning to use you body in safe ways too that don't overstress your muscles and joints.

Is there anyway to cut down your schedule? Why is your mother helping so little with the car of your grandfather and your sisters? It's all so wrong,so very wrong.

Re: Osteoarthritis and tenosynovitis

Its my ankle so im not really sure how i can be correctly using. I tend to rest it when i can. Wear orthotics and take pain meds. @Sans911
I can generally twll when it starts to go wonky. Its given way a few times and i here am worrying about pops fall risk! Ironic isnt it
But it tends to go stiff and when i start to move it it makes a disgusting grating noise.

Im trying to turn my mother back into a mother. Shes always expectes me to do stuff and withour hesitation i would step up. My gp said to me esp after i was so embarrassed to show her all my sh scars she said what were my teen age years like. I said i never had them ive been an adult since as long as i can remember and she said yep that certainly sounds like youve hit the nail on the head. My responsibility and traumas have made me grow up very fast.
Im going to try and speak to my boss and see where she can help with scheduling as well

Re: Osteoarthritis and tenosynovitis

Hello @outlander and @Sans911 Smiley Happy

The thread title caught my eye and I can see you have both had interesting conversations about your experiences. I have family members who have athritis and I'm not sure if this is something anyone has tried but they have found Magnesium Oil to have been really helpful. Rubbing it into the skin and painful aeras. Have you had any experiences around magnesium oil or heard about it before? 

Pebbles Smiley Happy



Re: Osteoarthritis and tenosynovitis

Hi @Pebbles
Ive used magnesium oil before. I didnt find it to work on me but the magnesium powder drink helped me.
I also found the oil to be really itchy as well

Re: Osteoarthritis and tenosynovitis

@Pebbles I've heard of magnesium oil, but use tablets instead for my joints, and to try to regulate my insomnia and sleep. But I've mus placed them a while ago of course in the chaos of my room. I've heard really good things about emu oil too, but also never tried. Is the oil only when you have pain? I have a natural cream with arnica, calendula hypericium and melaleuca. It works like deep heat

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