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planning suggestions

Hi guys


As some of you know, early next year ill be needing what they are calling major dental surgury- that being 4 wisdom teeth and 2 other molars. i sill have to talk to the anaethetist and the rest of the surgical team in early december. They have told me that i will need a week off from the horses completely and reduce my caring roles as much as possible esp for the first 4 days. i will also be away for 2 days - one night before and one night after surgury as im quite a few hrs way from home. 


So im wondering what you guys suggest in terms of supports at home that will help me stop stressing so much about pop and so i know that things arent getting neglected at home. 

I was going to ask family if they could help but i usually get yelled at but then they take offence when i dont ask so im stuck in the middle. i think i would rather outside help though so i know things are organised properly. 


And does anyone know where i can find out how to set things up e.g like meals on weals, a homecare nurse just checking in every day/second day or so. 


i had a look online but it got so overwhelming i honestly dont even know where to start... 



any suggestions,tips, advice would be most helpful..



@Shaz51@Faith-and-Hope@Darcy@PeppiPatty@Sophia1@greenpea @Smc and everyone  


Re: planning suggestions

@outlander Hi outlander hmmmm ..... definitely meals on wheels. I know my ex grannies used them when they were alive and it is a very good service. There is a service called Duitiful daughters who come in on a short term basis to help older people with chores etc. again I know that people who have used them have been very happy with them. Ummm ... the problem will be the cost .... and they book up fast. I would try Duitiful daughters and if they cannot help maybe they can put you onto a service that can Smiley Very Happy xxxx

Re: planning suggestions

like meals on weals,-- the phone number should be in your local phone book @outlander

a homecare nurse just checking in every day/second day or so. -- is Pop under a community service where they can provide Emergancy care for that week

Re: planning suggestions

thank you @greenpea ill have a look into it. my house will be cleaned top to bottom before surgury cause thats prob how ill cope the few days before lol but i wont be doing much for a few days and pops a grub to put it nicely so would be good to get help in

@Shaz51 no, hes not under anything which im thinking is proabbly my fault and my mistake becasue i wasnt aware of it. ive been the one doing it all, i didnt think somehting like this would happen so hadnt really thought about alternative arragements. He doesnt need respite though as he can still manage at home.

Re: planning suggestions

it is the same with my mum @outlander, she can still manage at home too but Blue care and myaged care put in railings and other equipment to help mum

I know with one of our customer who is 102 , when his daughter had to go away for the week -- he was cared for in hospital for a week , maybe you can do this

Re: planning suggestions

thankfully weve already got ramps, shower rails and things like that @Shaz51

he doesnt need hospital care, more just a few checkins and help with around the house, meals, and abit of company or go out for abit of an outing or something so i dont have to stress so much

Re: planning suggestions

see if you can arrange Meals on wheels first my sister @outlander xx

Re: planning suggestions

thanks @Shaz51 ill try to

Re: planning suggestions

It might be worthwhile contacting a local carers' support group. Sometimes they have workers who are familiar with the services available and what needs to happen to get things in place. If there's not a group available near you, I'd ask at a community health service or medical centre. Best to get onto it ASAP. I don't know what sort of lead time they need to put things in place. Some services may require a home assesment or aged care assesment to work out what your Pop needs. I know home help services need to do a home visit before they can assign a worker.

None of this will be free, but it is subsidised if there's proof of need, so that makes it more affordable. There's a big push nowadays with aged care towards providing in home support, so the backup services are much more available than they used to be.

Are you officially recognised as your Pop's carer? If so, you may be eligible for some respite help. It's possible that, if they believe your Pop needs to have a carer in attendance most or all of the time, they might suggest a short stay in an aged care home. I know someone who goes "in" from time to time so that the family member who cares for her can get a rest break. Even though it's not her favourite place to be, she goes ahead with it, because a bit of recovery time means he can better care for her, and it's better for their overall long term well being.

Re: planning suggestions

Just read a couple of other posts- doesn't sound like an aged care short stay will be needed. Smiley Happy

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