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Re: A long rave

Hope your headache eases soon @Mazarita.  I've seen what a wonderful support you can be on here.

Sounds like you've earned a day at home.  The shopping centres seem so busy already. Well done you for handling it. Nice gift for C and nice that you got some summer dresses for you.   I'll be shopping online for the kidults and grandkiddies too.  Adult child has sent me some links to what they want that I haven't looked at yet.  Should get onto that today so that there's time for delivery before the big day.

Re: A long rave

Sorry to hear you've woken up feeling not so great this morning @Mazarita. Glad you have a quieter day ahead to hopefully help with that. So good to hear you did what you needed yesterday and you found C's gift easily! That's always a win 🙂 I'm slowly making my way through looking around online for things this morning and found some decent sales on (win there too).

I'm going to head out to my appointment. Nice bumping into you Mazarita and chatting this morning @eth.

❤ for the rest of the morning/day

Re: A long rave

Sorry for the delay, @eth. I wrote a longish post about xmas stuff. Then when I went to post I found my net connection has gone down. I'm on mobile data on my phone now, which is always so terribly slow, so it's taking me ages to post this one too now! I think I probably need to sign off for now as it's too hard to have a chat like this. Sorry we couldn't talk more, but glad to have met up briefly in real time. Have a peaceful, relaxing day. ox


Re: A long rave

@eth It felt lovely and calming to read your posts and preparations.

For me 25 is not a good day as it is also an anniversary, plus complicated byreligious  positives and negatives.  I keep it quiet and small with extra nice food.


@Mazarita @CheerBear @Exoplanet

Have a good day.

I have a strange appointment where I was approached on fb by a disability employment services company and an orchestral rehearsal.


Re: A long rave

Hope your appointment went well @Appleblossom and that they are helpful and all above board.  

I've had nearly all the last 16 years of Christmases alone before moving here, so I did the same as you - quiet time with yummy special foods.  Sharing this time of year feels good so far - I've been here now since Christmas eve 2016 - hard to believe it's nearly 2 years already.

Re: A long rave

Dear  @eth

I remember your anxiety before the move. SO glad it has worked out well for you.


The outcome of appointment is yet to be seen as their computer program did not let them make next appointment 4 weeks into the future ... not the workers fault, but I spotted a few more planning issues,

1) including freezing the staff and consumers, by ridiculous level of cooling, that seized up my neck but luckily did not put it out

2) including intimidating abusive paragraphs re Centrelink in standard letter for appointment.  They apologised and said it was for under 34s.  Well they need to change the settings on their automatic letters.  It was very counterproductive for what the organisation is mandated for.

3) The place I was supposed to sign was clogged up an irrelevancy so I had to draw a line on form to separate it out as I felt I would have been signing falsely.

Jeez ... the modern work place.

Eye roll.

Going to orchestral rehearsal tonight. Always beautiful. I have always preferred the process to the final product anyways ...

Smiley Happy

Take Care All who pass through ...

Re: A long rave

Gee @Appleblossom  No. 2 in particular would have me running a mile.  Are you actually wanting more employment or is this something you are obliged to do at this time?

Have a lovely evening.  

Re: A long rave

It is not an obligation for Centrelink, it is just my inner compulsions, to always do my best, and I had a few ideas, then was putting self down for making a rod for my back, which I seriously do not need.

They admitted they targeted people like me in their online ads on fb.  Maybe cos I had liked lots of Mental health disability type pages ... you know those algorhythms work a bit ...??

Thanks for caring @eth I need to stay connected here as otherwise I would be a sucker for everything.

Will see how it pans out.

The form said it should not effect my entitlement to DSP so in the best of all possible worlds, a few hours per week of non disabling work could be good .... raising hands in air ... who knows ... 



Re: A long rave

Best of luck with it @Appleblossom.  You're brave to give it a go.


Re: A long rave

Morning all Smiley Happy

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