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Re: A long rave

Good Morning @greenpea  xxx   I hope you're feeling well today!   


@Doglover Sorry to hear you are in pain 😭  I really hope the symptoms subside for you.    I hear that you are missing your husband it's so understandable.    Keep us updated as to how you're feeling.    Praying for some improvement and relief from pain for you.


Good morning @Hamsolo01 @Adge @outlander 

@Dec @saturnzoon @cutiepiekitty 

@Appleblossom @Zoe7 @eth


I'm struggling with the same old issues SH etc I haven't much on today, the gym then a Drs appointment  at midday.


Hoping you all have a good day today and you're all keeping warm in this cold weather.    I suffer from SAD Seasonal Affective disorder and always struggle more in the winter, does anyone else here suffer from SAD?    So Keep Warm forum buddies xxx


Love Angels333 

Re: A long rave

@Angels333  Hi Angels333 I am ok re SAD as long as the weather is not dark and gloomy .... if it is then I go into deep deperssion. If it is sunny and crisp and cold I am fine. I just need to see and feel the warmth of the sun on my body. I wish you well with your doc today.  Hope your sh leaves you alone. Love gpxx

Re: A long rave

Hey @Angels333
Thanks for the tag. Take care today mate Smiley Happy

Re: A long rave

Hi all @greenpea @Angels333 @saturnzoon @Doglover @Zoe7 @Hamsolo01 @Gazza75 @outlander @CheerBear @Macca00 @Shaz51 @Angels333 @Former-Member  @Appleblossom @Maggie @Sherry @Sans911 @Snowie @Faith-and-Hope @Adge @Exoplanet @Teej @Mazarita @Dec @cutiepiekitty @Pilgrim and anyone else around here today.  Mid-week is always busy for me but I am thinking of you all and sending positive vibes for peaceful times.  Warm wishes to those having a break from forumland too.  too many pages for me to catch up once again, so sorry if I don't reply individually.

Yes Zoe yesterday was tai chi and then the doctor.  Found out I no longer have osteoporosis!!!  My bone density in certain areas has improved by as much as 15% - thanks to a combination of an HRT that has a side effect of increasing bone mineral uptake and good old calcium, magnesium and D3 supplement.  So very happy about that.  And last night was a flamenco night at my sil's art exhibition - mind blowingly amazing.  And the sangria was good too!

Then today a trip to the beach and then an intense session with my psychologist (aren't they all for me?) - filming an EMDR session about my traumas with police and one particular event - feel like I can't really talk about it in detail even on here as it's too much of a horror story.  Note - not because I broke any laws.  Felt quite shaky afterwards and just rested for a few hours.  Somehow we've been trauma mapping for the better part of 2 years and I hadn't mentioned to her the way they treated me after I was severely assaulted.  It's no wonder I've never felt safe around them since then.  Nuff said maybe.  It's a huge thing for me to process and will take more than one session.


@Doglover   hoping your symptoms are starting to lessen.  I hate it when people say psychosomatic as if that's any less real.  Feel for you and sending what support I can.


Take care all and have a restful night xx

Re: A long rave

My bone density in certain areas has improved by as much as 15% - thanks to a combination of an HRT that has a side effect of increasing bone mineral uptake and good old calcium, magnesium and D3 supplement. So very happy about that.--- ohhh @eth  that is great news my friend xx

flamenco night at my sil's art exhibition was great -- soo good xx

hugs my @eth Heart

Re: A long rave

@Doglover  I don’t have words atm, but wanted to ,st you know you are in my thoughts.💜💕

@eth  That all sounds super complicated. Lots to sort out. Take it slowly if you can. 💜💕

@Zoe7  sending these your way. 💜💕❤️ Will respond better when I can.

Re: A long rave

Hugs to you too @Shaz51  and thanks @Maggie .  Hope tonight is peaceful and restful for you both xx

Re: A long rave

Thanks so much @greenpea , thanks for thinking of me. xxx

Re: A long rave

Hi @Angels333 , thanks for your post and thinking of me. Yeh I am struggling big time. can't even begin to describe - my symptoms are just out of control. Unfortunately the normal meds they use for prn are the very meds that they are getting me off so I am having less and less of them. 

They have given me a different type of prn on my chart but it has sodium in it which I'm convinced give me terrible symptoms so I really don;t want to take it. 

How are you Angel? Are you doing ok atm?

Doglover xxx


Re: A long rave

@Doglover  sending you tender hugs and sitting with you , hope you are OK 

I am here for you xx

Hello @Mazarita , @eth , @Maggie , @Hamsolo01 

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