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Re: A long rave

treacle sounds horrible @Sherry  hope it eases off. thanks for tagging me

Re: A long rave

Hi @octavia 


That sounds terrible - I really don't know your story so I don't know about your son but there is no need for you to put up with that


I take it he is an adult and possibly has some kind of MI but there is only one way to deal with that and to keep yourself safe and that is Tough Love. Do you know what that is? - it means that you let the person know you love them but refuse to put up with their rage - after all - he might have trouble controlling his emotions but his behaviour is a different matter


So - for now - don't keep trying - it doesn't seem to be getting anyway and sounds really bad - and I am sorry to hear it



Re: A long rave

Good morning @Shaz51 and wish you
a pleasant day. Take care. Bimby2.

Re: A long rave

Hi @Shaz51 @TAB @Sherry @Appleblossom @Bimby2 @Dec @octavia  and anyone else passing here today.  Wishing you a peaceful one.


@Appleblossom   when I have a good team of regular, trusted and reliable support workers and a good coordinator of supports and the plan manager who's been excellent since day one  things go smoothly for months at a time and I make good progress on my goals.  2 out of 3 at the moment.  But looks like I'll be meeting at least 3 potential new team sw's this week so hopefully won't have to do much paperwork etc once I choose who's coming on board.  So yes it can keep you busy at different periods of time, but overall it's worth persevering jumping through their hoops if you possibly can.  I've made heaps of progress since first getting NDIS funding.  I wish the same for you.  Also I have a 2 year plan this time so won't have to go through the whole review prep and process next year.  Not until mid 2021.  


Hi @octavia  I'm so sorry to hear your son has deteriorated and abused you again.  I tend to agree with @Dec  that the best thing you can do is stand strong and step back, telling him that you are there for him when he is ready but you will not accept being abused.  He knows how to contact you once he has settled down again.  Hopefully adjusted meds will make this possible.  I'd be making sure the hospital staff know he is being abusive.   Best of luck getting onto the doctors and his psychiatrist today.  

Re: A long rave

Good morning @eth and may your week
be a pleasant one. All good wishes.

Re: A long rave

Well said @eth 


Tough Love is tough work - but we do not deserve abuse



Re: A long rave

Thanks for the tag yesterday, sorry I haven't been around @eth . I hope you're having a good Monday 💜🌻💜

Re: A long rave

hello and tender hugs @Molliex , @Mazarita , @Dec , @Bimby2 , @eth 

I have a few texts from a couple of children i looked after that were in that hail storm yeaterday xx

Re: A long rave

hello and tender hugs my @Bimby2 , how are you today xxx

Re: A long rave

Hi and good morning @Shaz51 @Molliex @Dec @Bimby2  and anyone else passing by here today.  Hope the day is starting gently and all are well today.

@Shaz51  I heard the hail was really big in some places.  Hope the kids you heard from didn't have too much damage.  That birthday party sounds like it was a real challenge.  Good on you for making it happen xx


Today I have my 3rd driving lesson and will take my support worker with me.  I feel she keeps me a bit more grounded when I'm really anxious, as I am about driving.  Both the lessons I've had ended with the instructor putting me on a major road to come home.  So I'm expecting he will once again throw a major challenge at me at the end of the lesson.   

After that I have my water tai chi class and then another phone interview with a potential new support worker.  Looking forward to the time (soon I hope) where I will be able to get into a routine again and develop rapport and trust with whoever I choose.


Take care all.



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