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Community Elder

Extreme heat and MI/Mood

Does anyone else find their mental illness exacerbated by extreme heat? We've had a run of hot days with high humidity and it is literally sucking the life out of me. I've had to resort to keeping my medications in the refrigerator because they were melting like chocolate (although I must say I'd prefer the chocolate option!) It has made me self destructive and moody. 

We only have fans here (MIL doesn't believe in air conditioning) and all they do is blow hot air around. I am only allowed one 4 minute shower per day so showering in the hottest part of the day isn't an option either. I loathe Summer. It literally scares me because I know this is when I become the most unwell. 

How do you all cope? All I can do is keep looking for cool air and keeping those fluids up. It is a nightmare! January is always my hardest month for a number of reasons, but heat is certainly amongst them.


Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

hey @Queenie
yes the heat affects me. makes me grumpy and sticky and sweaty all of which arent great combinations!

the only thing i can do for the heat is fluids and staying inside in the fan too. Perhaps spending time at the mall in the aircon will help even jsut for shorter periods of time. you dont have to buy anything just window shop in the cool.

to keep your fans cooler, sounds weird but put a towel in the freezer for a while (and hr or 2) then place it over the fan. tll blow cool air out for a bit.

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

Hey @outlander (long time no speak, so I do hope you're kinda okay?)

Malls aren't an option for me because I am hopeless with money and always end up giving my bank accounts a battering when I am near shops. I went to the local library yesterday in an effort to cool down, only to find their air con is not working at the moment Smiley Sad


I have my support worker coming on Friday to take me out anywhere I want to go, so I am going to request somewhere cool like an art gallery or something. Before my first breakdown, I used to love the Summer and was always at the local creek, beach or pool. Unfortunately with all the weight medications have put on me, that is no longer an option. I am hoping for rain (it is very overcast but humid) just to cool things down.


Thanks for the tip about the fans, I'll try it! Smiley Happy

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

perhaps leave any money are cards at home if you go to the mall or just take a small amount to grab a drink or lunch or something but max it up to 20$ and leave all else at home.

going somewhere cool tomorrow sounds like a good idea!

making frozen orange juice cups are good too, i usually wtaer the juice down abit though and then freeze it into cups or iceblocksthen can eat then like that.

hearing you on thr weight gain though ive never really been a water baby or a fan of the heat but heat makes everything so uncomfortable.

Hope the trick with the fan helps!

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

If I can't get cool and showering isn't an option,  I grab a loose cotton top - think cheesecloth - dunk it in water - ring it out and put it on.  Stand under a fan.  Heaven. 

If the night are too hot,  I take 2 bed with me 2 bottles of water that I have frozen.  I use these around different areas of the bed,  pillows etc,  where the heat is observed.  It helps a little. 

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood


Saw this and thought of you.

images (1).png




Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

Thank you everyone for your replies and tips. I have frozen some water bottles and will take them to bed tonight. Next grocery shopping day I have requested orange juice to try to freeze for a treat. @utopia @outlander


@Darcy even though your picture made me giggle, it's not far from the ruth really. Today I went to an art gallery with my support worker just to get out of the heat. It was a good morning actually.

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

Any particular type of art?  @Queenie

I love contemporary and Aboriginal art

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

It was asian contempary art @utopia. Lots of things produced by people who have sought political asylum for various reasons. Very moving.

Re: Extreme heat and MI/Mood

Sounds like a wonderful art show to attend @Queenie

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