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Have a day

When people are going through some “stuff” with their mental health, it is really difficult to tell them to have a good day without sounding patronising. You don’t want to wish them a bad day by any means, so I just wish them a day... to heal, to rest and regroup, to muddle through the best way they know how.


This is where I’m at. I’m near totally disengaging from people. I’m worried that I’m not going to graduate as I can’t secure a placement despite trying just about everything. Something I’ve invested so much time into and to fall at the near finish line is heartbreaking. My father hardly ever speaks to me, I’m afraid he hates me. 


I also have to come off one of my injections, as it is causing potentially serious side effects. This will mean I will become unwell yet again. It’s depressing, it truly is. I’m also concerned about cognitive decline caused by schizophrenia. I fought so hard to remain steadfast that I’m as intelligent as ever, but it’s time to face facts... there has been a markedly increased amount of decline in several areas of my intellect.


So here’s me, wishing myself to have a day. Tears are slowly falling.


 I apologise for my absence on the forum. I had an elevated period which saw me end in respite. I guess this is the aftermath.


Re: Have a day

Dear @Queenie  

Smiley SadHeart

100px-Viola_uliginosa_Sturm53.jpgViolarainbowallreligion.jpgRainbow World

You have put so much work in.

Sorry you have not found a placement yet.  Do the Sane people have more ideas about where to apply.

It is possible that you dont totally relapse while they are changing meds.  Part of the situation is biochemical, but we are not just chemicals.  

Sometimes there is nothing we can do, despite our best efforts things are what they are.


When I finally came to terms with that in my life, I learned to be kinder and began to heal myself.

Take Care Bella

Smiley Happy


Re: Have a day

Have a day sounds perfect @Queenie. We're sorry to hear that so much is happening for you right now. Sending much love your way and we hope that there's some positivity for you somewhere in each day. Please look after yourself, are you taking time each day to do something for yourself? Heart

Re: Have a day

Thinking of you @Queenie  and sending warm wishes.

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