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Re: Help...i have no friends

Hi Molly


Thank you for sharing. I, too, have great trouble keeping and making friends. Of course I'm a 61 year old retired male and we're famous for not talking to anyone. I recently started a very similar thread to this one. Pop over and have a look if you like.


I can remember my wife and I having young chidren ( 3 under 4) and I think all young mothers tend to easily become socially isolated, just as older men do. When you add to that any aspect of mental illness, the effect is magnified. I did find my work brought a social aspect to my life. Because our children were ill a lot and eventually diagnosed as disabled, my wife had no such escape and I think has paid a heavy price, only lately discovering a charity she can contribute to with her skills as well as having a social time. Perhaps this might be something you could explore.


On the other thread, I talked a bit about people with MH issues tending to be thought of as 'difficult' people, while those who have physical illnesses are more likely to receive consolation and support. Talking it over with my wife, she reminded me that people with MH issues are more likely to be a cause of pain in the lives of our loved ones. To a certain degree, their 'hands off' approach might be for their own protection. I can see how in my experience how that might be the case.


I wish you well on the search for friends. It doesn't take all that many to help one feel supported and valued




Re: Help...i have no friends

Hi @zenman55 I am unsure if you are still part of the forum. If you are please respond. I wanted to talk you about your text saying you had no friends. My in laws and some of my friends from the gym are retired. So in the same age bracket as you. People come and go from their lives, also when you are retired you have more free time. Not the 40 hours a week, taken up by work. Have you found any hobbies to keep you busy? Golf, word working etc etc. I am a well liked young lady who also suffers from Bi polar two. I sometimes put my foot in my mouth. I can think of a few Christmas parties, where I would have looked drunk. I was not drinking, looking back on it. I was hypomanic. Like being wound up by people I didn't like. 

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