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Casual Contributor


I have been severly psychotic and went to the hospital who told me I shouldn't admit myself because the ward was full of detoxing ice addicts and wasn't safe or therapeutic.  There's something very wrong here.


Re: Hospital

Hi @Roadkill

Wow.... isn't it sad the world we live in now, that people who need psychiatric treatment struggle to get it because of the lack of services. What's the go now? Did you end up getting into anywhere??




Re: Hospital

They talked 'alternatives', said to phone the CAT team, I phoned them once, they came round, said I was too sick and left.   The system is crazier than we are.


Re: Hospital

Hello @Roadkill

That sounds incredibly tough being faced with that, I am sorry the CAT team weren't able to help you, have you managed to get to the GP to see a psychologist for that extra support? Or was that the alternatives they were suggesting?

Are you specifically wanting a hospital admission for your mental health at the moment? It can be really challenging if you don't have private health insurance, which is just not right, but keep trying and see if you can be put on a waiting list for a program if you can?



Re: Hospital

I have a therapist, frankly I have no idea what the alternatives are.  I don't have enough private health cover for a private ward so as you say getting in is hard.  No idea what to do right now.


Re: Hospital

Hi @Roadkill

What a horrible experience!
Often therapists are helpful in getting people into good programs or hospitals.
Have they provided any suggestions or support with this?

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