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Casual Contributor

I'm new here. Need the help.

I'll try and keep this as brief as possible.

I have no friends (I don't mind that). My fiance is my best friend and we have a great relationship.

My family (or lack thereof) are nasty pieces of work who would rather see me homeless and fail in life than thriving and succeeding. My mother in particular has told me to "lower my standards" in terms of life and career. I don't think my aspirations could get any lower honestly.

I haven't had mental health issues for at least 5 years, until about 4 months ago when a call centre job and the nature of the calls really broke me.

Since then, I've struggled to keep work as I cannot focus. I have a constant threat of homelessness over my head. I won't have this share house after June 30th, and I mentally cannot handle sharing a house again.

I've been applying for new rentals with no luck. I don't have a lot of rental history. It is clean, but without any constant income, they cannot possibly rent to me. I don't blame them.

I've been down this road before of homelessness and trying to dig myself out. I had to do sexual favours and work with people who are unsafe to be around just to pay rent years ago. I refuse to do that again.

I can't go through this system again.

Before any of you make a suggestion: I have utilised all the free sources available to me that I can think of. I used the EAP when employed. I've used all my Medicare ones. I cannot go back on Centrelink, as I've (willingly) quit my other jobs. I don't want to go through the charity system of homelessness again. It's extremely demoralising and heartbreaking. Thanks.


Re: I'm new here. Need the help.

Hi @PurpleRed 


Welcome to the Forum Family - I am sure you will find some people here who care and can help a bit - though it seems you have done just about all you can right now - 


As far as your mother telling you to lower your expectations of career and life - forget it - been there myself and stuck to my own plans and made it - it can happen but it's hard - I know


One thing I could suggest though you might have already done it is to see your doctor about getting onto the Disability Support Pension if you can't work because you have been broken by your at the Call Centre - and that must have been a hard job and other people broken before you - you need support doing work like that


I am glad you have your finance and a great relationship - I hope you don't find yourself homeless again - and I understand - I would not like to share a house either - I live alone and like my own company


But I hear you and I really wish I had something to offer



Re: I'm new here. Need the help.

Thanks for your reply Dec.


That's an idea I haven't had presented to me. I've been trying to avoid the GP but I have to bite the bullet and go.


Yeah, my mother is a textbook narcissist so I try not to let her bother me. I'm going to be cutting contact very shortly.


Thanks again!

Re: I'm new here. Need the help.

I am glad I could help @PurpleRed 


My mother was codependent and I refused to play her games - a break with your mother could be a good idea - it sounds as if she brings you down and you don't need that



Re: I'm new here. Need the help.

@PurpleRed- I'm new here too.  I don't have any helpful suggestions, but, hope you are fairing well and that you are finding your way through the maze that our welfare / help system seems to be.  I can relate to your story, but, i don't even have the fiance so you got one on Me there.  I like my own company to much to share house.




Re: I'm new here. Need the help.

Thanks mate. I've had a family member reach out and allow me to stay. I'm still off work, and applying for Newstart. Seeing a bulk billed psychologist in August, as that's the nearest date I have. Not easy for us folk, is it? 

Re: I'm new here. Need the help.

@PurpleRed- That' something.  They definitely don't make it easy.  I hope you can get on newstart alright.  It seems like survival money at best.  I can't see why the payment can't be a lot higher, after all its money going back into the economy more often than not.  August seems like a hell of a long way away to Me.  I'm glad your family has been able to offer some support to you.  I'm definitely worried in the future what I'll do without family around.  


I hope the phsychologist is worth the wait.  I've been lucky with the one I've had. 

Re: I'm new here. Need the help.

Sending love @PurpleRed, August sounds like a long time to wait, glad you've got some support in the meantime, even if limited. Welcome to the forums, you've come to a good place Heart 

Re: I'm new here. Need the help.

Yeah, it is a while away and thank you for your welcome. I'm utilising some anger management techniques to cope. GP reckons I may be bipolar. I'm safe with a roof over my head, and a family member has offered to give me money if needed. I'm living off my savings until Centrelink comes back through. I'm living super frugally for the minute.

Re: I'm new here. Need the help.

@PurpleRed  Your job sounds really stressful.  Have you considered  taking some sick leave,  to have a week or so break from those calls? 

If the stress is really bad,  it might be an idea to talk with your gp,  and maybe get a referral to a psychologist.  Under Medicare mental health care plan,  you are entitled to a number of free psychologist appointments.  It may help you refocus and be less stressed. 

If the job calls themselves is what has triggered this,  maybe you could put in a WorkCover claim. (this is not an easy road and has its own levels of stress). 

Just thought maybe one of these ideas may help a little. 

I wish you luck. 

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