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Re: Introduce yourself here

Hey, I joined to see if anyone else had similar relationship problems and if they had any advice... 3 quick facts

1. I can touch my nose with my tongue.
2. My favourite colour is blue .
3. I’m a dog lover

Re: Introduce yourself here

Well I think it's best if I just leave this at you mught wat to read the auto save files for the 2 posts that failedto send.


I gave them a chance to come clean. But this is far from accepptable.

I'm not going to the couts for this.

No way will it be cleard for public.


So I'm going tolegal snooker the problem.

It's need to stop,


Re: Introduce yourself here

Welcome to the forums @Janet3 @Breeze

Re: Introduce yourself here

hi @Stevo_2504  @Mange_N_Sane  and welcome to you both.

well done on reaching out for some supports. Please feel free to start a thread for yourself so we can support you along your journey, and join in where you feel comfortable in doing so. we have many threads here you may be interested in. a popular thread is called Good Morning!  Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!  Anyone feel like chatting?  where many members hang out and just chat.  no need to read from the beginning just pop in and say hello

A forum tip is to put an @ before a members name and itll tag them so they recieve a notification from you.



Re: Introduce yourself here

Was hoping for a more accountable forum really.

I need more legal level talks.
I've been seriously malpractice against.
Seeing a psychiatrist. He refuses to give me a diagnosis.
And I know my side stacks up.
The major defendant in this will be be forced to overhaul the whole  field,  And I might be forced some massive hush. Because someone is being defaruded, and we're all feeling the pinch.

I'm not just adverse reaction, But thye perfect storm.


Again the staff are n point with their roles.

if youm have any usefir contact pleqase let me know.

Iy's department holiday season so Im finding had to get some gthigs.

Thans again.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi there @Mange_N_Sane, welcome again to the forums! I'm so sorry to hear the impact this rough situation in your life has had on you and I thank you for reaching out to the forums so we can support you. I just wanted to clarify if you are talking about the forums here or something in your "offline" world when you refer to "hoping for a more accountable forum" in this post. Safety and consistency are of upmost importance to us here on the forums after all, and we are open as moderators to working with users to ensure they get the most benefit out of their particular use of the forums. You can always email us at if you would like any help with that at all Smiley Happy

Re: Introduce yourself here


Whoops. Good catch.

I was meaning a in a lawful sense. As I'm in need of some nuanced information.

Sorry to give any users a spook. I'll amend that post.


I must say, given that limitations imposed by the founder. You's are really well on the ball.

I'll be aim to get more free flowing environment for the services. with my plight.
Quite frankly I think you need to press home on the legal situation,
Some people get a but attached to  of their project as it a more personally comfortable stability over time. That to have any hccups. Grants really make things a  headace

And if he cant at least produce  additional web development. I'd suggest cloning the project.


Oh and a security on  holidat would be good too.
All I;m seeing is that JTTPS is on



Hope that covers it I'm on a long timne with out sleep.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hello @Molliex and @booklover78 ,

I am having some trouble at reading right at the moment. I have had this issue before, but I've also enjoyed reading books from front to back.

I don't know why I am having some trouble to concentrate on reading and hopefully it will not last for very much longer.



Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @Mange_N_Sane 
I thought I'd add my bit too and say hi. I'm not sure that I'm getting this right but it looks as though you may have some ambivalence about whether or not this forum will be the right space/context for you. It can take a while to become familiar with the Community Guidelines and to work out how to post comfortably within them. I am not sure if you are referring to the forum platform when you say that  "this is pretty janky"? We acknowledge that things don't always work smoothly on the forums and (as mentioned by Otter) we encourage users to let us know of difficulties that they are experiencing when using the forums – whether these relate to the moderation process or technical matters. All the best connecting with others in this supportive community!

Re: Introduce yourself here

Thank you @outlander for your reply on September 1.

I'm sorry to have to let you know that I have only just read your message.

I'm possibly a little slow to learn how things go in this Forum.


I have started the process of attempting to get some voluntary work.



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