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Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @Donotknow

Welcome to the Forums - I'm really glad you found us. You must be exhausted - and I would imagine very frustrated. 

Would I be right in saying you have come to the Forums to find out how others have managed sleep and also to connect with others?

We can point you in the direction of some helpful discussions here, if that's what you're after?


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Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi Everyone,

Okie dokie . . . here we go:

- What brings you to the Forums?
At 49 years of age, I have been turning to my family and friends for so many years. Sure, I have had more than one therapist, but you simply cannot beat peer to peer counselling. I am hear to listen, to learn, and to hopefully offer my story in snippets at a time which may just resonate with others.

- 3 random facts about you
I LOVE car racing
I LOVE my wife and Stepson
I LOVE my daughters

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi 3 random stuff
I love heartfelt stuff savage garden music
James blunt Veronicas because there cool


Re: Introduce yourself here


No real idea who can help, have received many diagnosis many medications no improvement. After second suicide attempt and just being discharged from support service Border Personality Disorder mentioned for the first time in almost 10 years. Googled and came across your site, when desperate usually call Lifeline.

Others that post quote they work and state what they Love. I am not like anyone else , after so long an inconvenience to the kids which I am not capable if being a good parent so much so it has impacted my son he too has mental issues. Incapable of helping others , would live to volunteer in Pallative care unit to ensure people do not die allow or frightened of death. Understand only too well loneliness worse than depression. Incapable of maintaining relationships now, not seen friends for over two years, no parents and cannot work. How do you begin to live after everything you have worked for and identified with is suddenly taken away . You find yourself losing house, business, alone two small children, not able to support staff , office lease, company cars and breakdown, become so ill that in nine years suffers three cranial bleeds and develop brain anyerisum , no strength. Spend days in an imaginary world , is this borderline personality disorder ?

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi I'm new to the forums. I read your post and can see we are a lot a like with what we cope with. I've just moved to a new area and am finding it hard to cope. The area where I live is beautiful. I would love to hear from you.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Apart from family

My 3 main loves are music, cats and books.

The bonding factor on this forum is that we all are surviving/suffering/enduring/admitting to or coping with some issues around mental health.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hello again I am relieved that in a way I have aired my 'dirty laundry' so to speak. Surprised that others are in my position, I think it makes it easier to know I am not alone.

No matter how many Psychiatrists and GPs medications etc are involved in your treatment it does not help. Different Specialists different labels and diagnosis, the sufferers are the only ones with first hand knowledge.

I asked my last Psychiatrist how he made his diagnosis, his response he relied on information from me. I thought terrific have suffered from certain degrees of memory loss from years , now what ?

To the person who has just moved , you are very brave and envy you for being able to take that step. I am desperate to move and looking now convinced it helps to begin life again. Wish I had your courage , I put the rubbish bins out commando style dodging people - this has to make to laugh and realise how proud you should be . I am tired and do not cope but that is in comparison to others, it helps not to compare to anyone else . My friends are the birds that visit each day and my puppy take care.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @Cricket

Welcome to the forums, it's great to have you here.

Moving can be a challange, it sounds like you are trying to find ways of coping with moving to a new area. Change can take time to settle into feeling more familiar. I'm glad to hear the area you live in is beautiful, mother nature has many gifts to offer us.

I'm wondering who you connected with here on the forums after reading their post? If you would like to tell us who that person is you can use the @ symbol and then click on the persons username which then highlights their username and they will be aware of the connection. Please let me know if that needs clarification.

Welcome again and we look forward to hearing from you when you can. 


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi everyone.
I first came to this site after a hospital stay & wanted to continue the support I felt with other patients. I've found this forum to be positive, supportive and caring.
3 random things about me.
* I love Aboriginal culture & learning all I can about my local (long ago died out) tribe.
* I love boogie and blues and rock music. And daggy dancing.
* I love where I live - the rivers, the flats, the mountains, the bush, the animals, the smell of Eucalyptus trees.

Re: Introduce yourself here

hi I'm cricket,  I have just dicovered this forum. Thankyou to all the people who have read my first post and responded. I have lived with mental illness since i was 17 and am 53 now. i live a very closed off life and find it hard to go out into the community and partake in daily life out there. I seem to miss out on a lot because of this. I've been this way for so long that its hard to imagine there is any other way to live. I am lonely a lot of the time and i have no friends as I have just moved with my husband to a new area. I would appreicated people to chat to as well as any ideas on how i can reach out into the community.

3 things I love.


my pet connur parrot

familySmiley Surprised

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