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Living with a schizophrenic


I have a sister with schizophrenia. Our family has been suffering with her. Since she turned 18, her first symptoms were aggressiveness, not able to sleep, stay like statue, talk illogically,etc. It has been a nightmare to our family.

Her doctor gave her medication with which she is able to do her personal needs. When she skips the meds, the schizo attacks come back. Her college mates and professor treats her with indifference and this doesn't help her social skill at all.

She has constant mood swing even with medication. We found out that the food plays a key role for brain reaction on to mood swing.Processed food, can food are definitely big NO. Food with preservative make her whole body itchy with red lumps.

Has diet restriction helped other schizophrenia patients? 

I find very hard to have understanding for her. What is your main motivation? I want my family to be whole and together, but sometimes I just want to quit and go away.




Re: Living with a schizophrenic

Hi @BillyF,

Welcome the Forums!

Caring for a family member who is unwell can tiring and overwhelming, making it a normal and common response to want to quit and go away. You're definitely not alone with feeling this way. Many carers experience this.

To answer your question about food restriction. Unfortunately, I can answer this. But I can point out some other members who care for family/friend who have schizophrenia that might be able to provide some insight: @Rover @mel @Brother @scaredmum? Any thoughts? Or maybe some words of support/advice?

In saying this, remember to seek advice from a health professional. There could be several factors that may be leading to this type of reaction. For instance, it might be an interaction of food and meds, or something in your sister's biological make up, etc. Everyone is so dfferent, and people can have reactions to different things, for different reasons. A health professional migh tbe able to do conduct an assessment to develop a tailored treatment plan.

Hope this helps.



Re: Living with a schizophrenic

Hi @BillyF

What a hard situation you are in, I really feel for you. It must be hard for you not knowing how to cope with your sister and not feeling that you have a good understanding of what is going on.

But I would like to say that the fact that you are trying to find some understanding shows me that you must be a very caring and loving person, and you are very compassionate when you say that you want your family to be whole and together again. When you say that sometimes you feel like you want to quit and go away, this actually shows me you also have a lot of honesty, and I see this as  a strength. You are honest with yourself and are strong enough to reach out for help. Pat yourself on the back.

You have found a good place here on these forums - supportive people that care and I am sure you will find some hope here.

@peace @Alessandra1992 @Crazy_Bug_Lady and @PeppiPatty might be able to give you some good advice too.

In the meatime, maybe you might like to contact Carers Australia, who can give you some general tips on how to deal with your sister and the situation as a whole. You can find their website here.

Hope this helps and keep on posting,



Re: Living with a schizophrenic

Thank you so much on your help.

Can you, please, tell me how can I contact these members you told me about? I entered on their profiles, but there isn't any PM option.

Thank you in advance.



Re: Living with a schizophrenic

Hi @billyf

Just letting you know that these forums are anonymous so there is no PM functionality.

But if you wish to address them directly, you can type @ and then their username and they will receive a notification that you have mentioned them.

@Butama posted about his experiences with his wife here . I'm not sure if you can relate or not?


There is also an interesting discussion here initiated by @waves - where it seems there are a few other carers looking after members of their family with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Check out the conversation and perhaps add some questions in there and direct them at the relevant members by using the @ mention  function.


I hope this is helpful.



Re: Living with a schizophrenic

Oh, thank you very much. 


Your help is priceless. 



Re: Living with a schizophrenic

hi billy

my daughter is schizophrenic and we have been through a terrible time in the last year with her but she is getting better.  and your sister will get better too.  don't feel bad, it's not your fault.  these things just happen and my other daughter was like you she couldn't understand what was happening to her sister and she just stayed away from her.  my eldest daughter has been my biggest support.  i think your parents should reach out there are plenty of people out there who can help.  your family need all the support they can get, and if your sister is really unwell she should be in hospital, there is only so much you can do on your own. good luck.

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