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New Contributor

My son

My son has psychosis due to ice abuse he has been in mental health for over a month and I feel lost, I don't know how to help him or if he will be the old boy that he was before. Wish I could fix this for him

Senior Contributor

Re: My son

Hi @Simma, welcome to the Forums.  I hope you find some comfort from shared experiences and support here.

I'm not surprised that you feel lost in knowing how to support your son.  I don't think we're ever prepared for this kind of an event.  You're certainly not the only one going through it.  @Madat posted about her daughter not so long ago here.  We also ran a 'Topic Tuesday' about psychosis a few months ago where lots of members shared about both experiencing psychosis and trying to support loved ones through it.  You can read it here.  Within that conversation @Louise and @Annie2 shared some of their experiences with children affected by psychosis.

They may have some advice 'from the trenches'.  From my perspective I can only advice you to make sure you talk with your son's treatment team.  Sometimes they seem so busy that we don't want to take up their time.  But it's necessary and important that you also get information and support from them.  It will benefit not just you but your son in terms of the care you can give him.

The other thing I thought worth mentioning is the Ice Advice line where you might be able to get some answers and information.  The number is 1800-423-238 (24x7).  It's answered by people trained in drug and alcohol work and experienced in area.  It might be worth seeing if they can add anything useful.

Even if you are uncertain about the future, do you feel confident that your son is getting the right help and  treatment now?

Casual Contributor

Re: My son

Hi Simma,

I dont know much about Ice, my teenage daughter had MDMA and had what the doctors said was a drug induced psychosis episode which was scary. She was in hospital for 3 weeks, the psychotic symptoms disappeared after a week but she is still not the girl she used to be but I hope as I have been advised that she will be over time.

It is very difficult for a parent but we must be thankful that they are with us and I hope your son is getting good treatment. Is your son better now?

I am trying to find out if my daughter's change is due to the medication or the tail end of the psychosis but think it is a bit of both. Do you have any thoughts on that as yet?

I wish you all the best and just hang in there for them! it will get better for you and him.



Re: My son


It can be overwhelming when you jump into the pool of mental health and support services.

I encourage you to google mental health and carer support services for your area and see what support both you and your son can access.

Here in the NT we have MIFANT, Carers NT, TEMCHO, Team health, Mission Australia, headspace and catholic care (just to name a few).

All provide support or assistance to either the person who is unwell or the family caring for them.

You can also ask them if they have information on Drug induce psychosis, or google this to read more about his situation.

I understand the stress you are feeling and the darkness that is in front, talking about your story with those that understand like here on the forum and educating yourself about what you and your son are now living with and what recovery may look like will help the darkness clear.

Good luck and hope to see you on here again J


Re: My son

Thank you everyone for your words of wisdom... my son hqs been discharged after 5 weeks they say he has schitzoaflective disorder as well as psychosis..... its a slow road back but hope he makes it

Re: My son

Hello I hope my reply finds you and your having a great day. Sending a huge hug to you. Walked in your shoes for several years and I thought I couldn't be shocked by anything . But what threw me the most was the no memory recall when my son went thu same stuff your's is going thru.

I researched read and reresearched, joined addict forums read thier stories the good and not so good and same little or no recall of memory of what was going down when they had these events.

So i started trying to let go of those moments as well, I couldnt bring them up in conversation after rehab or before , I cant now as it would just bring about guilt to that person. So I had to find ways of erasering it from my life. Cant look backwards, it just wasnt me effected so I had to really work on me and family to soothe ourselves . Finding time for yourself. A walk on the beach. A long soak in a bath with Lavender oil.

Looking at Pinterest and finding great words wriiten to support you on those crap days.

When i wash my hair I put 2 drops on my hands and wipe thru wet hair and as its drying I smelling the calming oil. Just be kind to urself. Thinking of you . Huge hug .Kind regards Candles

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