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Once more unto the breach

So here we are again.  I posted a week or so back, it was promptly removed because i named some places i should not have, i thought i edited it but it was never re posted......and has since been completly deleted.  I just wanted to say to all the people who took part in the walk for mental health awareness....I was on the other side of the bridge and not one of you were aware of me Smiley Happy  I think it needs to be said that if someone was not depressed or anxiety filled before dealing with the mental health soon will be.


Re: Once more unto the breach

@simontemplar  Hi simontemplar I remember your post and thought it fitted into the guideliens perfectly .... oh  well I am glad you are back Smiley Happy.Love peax


Re: Once more unto the breach

Yeah, I remember your post to @simontemplar , not sure what happened to it.




Re: Once more unto the breach

I agree. The mental health system can b v distancing but one can only press on as it is all that is available (and vote 4 a better one!). Meanwhile it is wise to try and connect with people thru a community house or short TAFE course to meet with like minds. 


Re: Once more unto the breach

It may be wise, perhaps even prudent when one has social anxiety it is unfortunatly not going to happen. 

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