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Starting to accept I need to manage Cyclothmia


I'm 59 years old and have been trying to get help for my mental state since I was in my ealry 30's.  One GP diagnosed bipolar although I don't have very high "highs", rather, just super enthusiastic.  I did a Beyond Blue questionnaire that indicated Cyclothmia and that seems to fit.  I've lost count of the number of psychologists and doctors I've approached.  Although I'm on an anti-deressant and have been for 20 years, depression and anxiety along with impulsiveness and high moods continue and are getting worse.  I just don't know where to go now.  I'm looking into Neuro Lingusitic Programming and wonder if anyone here has tried it for mental health reasons.  I would rather try this path than take a mood stabiliser, which I was on for a short time (it just turned me into a zombie).  I have no support network and don't know how to suddenly aquire one.  I don't want to burden my few friends (I isolate myself alot) and my family members (I've tried that before and they are not receptive).   I know now that I need to be more proactive in managing this "condition" as I don't often know it's started until I find myself lying in bed all day again without the motivation to move or speak.  It is all I can manage to get in the shower some days.  I just don't know what to do next or who to talk to.  I know I SHOULD exercise but seem to have a natural aversion to it.  I also have regular migraine and am on medication for it.  I "lose" many days due to either depression or migraine.  Any advice would be welcome if you would be kind enough.

Finally asking for help,



Re: Starting to accept I need to manage Cyclothmia

Welcome to the forum @JMS, it's great that you are asking for help. It can be difficult to have the motivation to do the smallest things like shower. If you have an aversion to exercise, you probably won't want to get out of bed anyway to do so, perhaps you can look at something like walking to the cafe for a coffee, tea or hot chocolate and walking back. Is this something that you could add to your day?

Re: Starting to accept I need to manage Cyclothmia

Hi Ali, 

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post.  Yes that is something I could do.  The thing is, the motivation is just not there.  I think I really need to focus more on prevention than I currently do.  There's no magic wand is there, I need to find a way to get going while I'm well. Smiley Happy  I feel I almost need someone to poke me in the ribs everyday and say hey! go out and do something!  Thanks again for your reply.  It's already made me feel that someone is out there listening.  JMS

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Re: Starting to accept I need to manage Cyclothmia

How are you doing @JMS? You're right, there is no magic wand and every day is a practice Smiley Happy Have you heard of Jim Kwik? He says we should set our intention for the next day before we go to bed at night by writing down 3 things we want to achieve personally, and 3 things professionally. If he can do those 3 things for himself and his work then it's a good day. How do you work best, do you know what motivated you at other times?

Re: Starting to accept I need to manage Cyclothmia

Hi Ali11,
That's definitely something I could try. Thanks for checking in with me. I normally become motivated when I have a idea - unfortunately due to my hair trigger impulsive brain, starting on a new idea can result in spending, starting but not finishing etc. So getting enthusiastic is almost a warning sign to me that I am being impulsive. I'm enrolling in the Mindset Course and hope that I can get on track with it. Thanks again for taking the time to post.

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