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New Contributor

Stuck in mud!

Hi everyone, This is the first time I have ever posted on a forum!
I have been hospitalised for my depression anxiety and ptsd again, last year I spent 8 months of the year in hospital. I can definitely see a difference but I still feel stuck, in fact this hospitalisation is probs the worst one yet, I'm improving in some ways but regressing in others such as wetting the bed, nightmares and overwhelmed with anxiety that has never been this bad before. Because I have been in hospital and done all the group programs several times I feel constantly hopeless and helpless....I feel like I am stuck! What's my next step, is there a next step, I just want to get better and live a normal life but I don't know what my next options are....has anyone got any suggestions? I also have a family who doesn't really understand that there is no happy pill or magic wand that just fixes me over night, I find this very stressful I am only 21 so I can see where they are coming from but the more they ask when r u coming home or are u better yet? The more I regress.


Re: Stuck in mud!

Hi @Crash 


I just wanted to jump in and say hi. It's a bit quiet on the forums tonight, but I suspect more members will be on to respond soon. Feeling stuck is quite common for all of us!

I can completely empathise with your frustrations. It sounds like you have made progress (nice one!) but still have symptoms that are impacting your day to day life. On top of that, having that family pressure to deal with mustn't be helping at all (& perhaps adding to the anxiety?)


I admire that, at such a young age, you are taking charge of your mental health and aiming to get well. It's really inspiring actually.

I'd love to hear from other members on how they have managed family stress! Any tips?


@Crash it's hard to give feedback on a next step (there are so many options, which is a good thing!) as I don't know what has worked well in the past. For example, have you found any specific types of therapies helpful? Have you found a medication that has assisted? 

It's quite a balancing act, trying to figure out exactly what works for you - but the more things you try, the closer you will be to finding that balance.


Looking forward to hearing what others have to say Smiley Happy



Re: Stuck in mud!

@Crash Hi welcome. Wow such a difficult time for you so sorry yet like NikNik said I too admire you for taking a postive role in your healing treatment.
Family hey well yeah thar is a tricky one. For myself trying to get some family members to understand is so very hard so for those ones I just do not even discuss it with them. There is no bad feelings I just get on with my therapy. I am an adult and I will choose to do what I believe is the best thing for me. After all it is my life, my mind, my body and soul. As long as I am not hurting anyone or myself. For those i wish to understand i invite them to speak with my doctor.
You are young but you sound so very wise I reakon you are.
Crash hang in there, do not be bullied into anything that you do not want.
Bless you young one and may peace be within you.

Re: Stuck in mud!

Hello @Crash 

Can i please ask- are you linked in with any kind of Mental Health or Support worker ? Depending on your living situation, wants and needs, one of these sorts of workers can be of lots of help to people. You can ask your gp about the services around you- or google them too- or ask us aswell. I hope you like the forum - there will be lots of support here Smiley Happy




Re: Stuck in mud!

Thanks for reply
No I don't have a social worker or anything :/

Re: Stuck in mud!

Oh @Crash  sounds terribly isolating not having understanding from your family, and no formal support. 

I think friends and family members through lack of understanding can create a lot of pressure.  People can often forget that MI is like any other illness. You wouldn't ask someone who has cancer if they are better yet. While they may not be able to provide the greatest support right now, looking for people who do understand and can provide support is helpful.

You might want to try connecting with Headspace. They provide support for young adults up to 25 years, and may be able to link you in with a support worker in your area. If you go onto their website you can talk to someone online or phone someone.

Hope this helps.




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