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Re: Taking the plunge


Re: Taking the plunge

@CheerBear  Bringing in the fine china today. No need to respond. Put your feet up. I hope you manage some rest today. 💜💕💜💕75A4F024-D1E1-4118-A51D-F2BD1758A03F.jpeg

Re: Taking the plunge

@Maggie thank you 💗 I hope your yesterday was OK enough and your today has some good ☕

Re: Taking the plunge

Mine was ok ish ish @CheerBear  Do you want to mention yours, or just let it rest. 💕💜💕☕️☕️

Re: Taking the plunge

Did your OK ish ish involve seeing a sort of friend @Maggie?

I don't know what to do with my yesterday 🙁 I hoped a night sleep would help but I'm not sure it has.

Re: Taking the plunge

@CheerBear  Yes, sort of friend and sort of conversation. 😫😫

Your Yesterday sounds tricky. Big feels and confusing. Can you put it aside for today and catch your breath. I know that’s huge by the way, putting things aside with an overactive tricky brain. 💕💜☕️☕️

I brought in the fine china for fragile moments. Maybe under a tree with the beauty of a bird chorus. Still dark here.

Re: Taking the plunge

How did it go with sort of friend and sort of conversation (if you feel up to talking) @Maggie ?

I don't think I can put it aside today. The NDIS bus smashed me during the longest, biggest, hardest day at the hospital so far. I'm going to have to call someone and ask for help today as it's feeling too much.

Sorry. I am definitely fragile this morning. I just feel so overwhelmed right now 🙁

Re: Taking the plunge

I'm going to have to suck it up and stop crying so I can get my kids ready for school now. I'm interested in how it went with your sort of friend, if you feel up to sharing. I'll come back later.

Thank you for the china @Maggie and for the gentle space. I really, really appreciate it.

Re: Taking the plunge

No apology needed @CheerBear  i really hope you can ask for the help you need/deserve today.  Go as gently as you can. Will be thinking of you, checking later if you would like to talk, or just sit. Really care about you. 💕💜💕☕️☕️


Re: Taking the plunge

Hugs for the tears @CheerBear

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