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Re: Taking the plunge

@Sherry  Not sure what time it is where you are atm, but hope you get some sleep. 

3.30 am here. 💜💕💜☕️☕️


@CheerBear  No hot water, LF plus so much more. I’m not expecting a good start for you, but hope I’m wrong. I’ve brought in a big one, just in case. 😁😁5C93A801-50ED-4AE9-A41D-4E903C1E194A.jpeg


Re: Taking the plunge

Haha that's so much what I need @Maggie, thank you. You're right, bad start or maybe really full on afternoon/evening yesterday still lingering today. It felt like a whole load of buses coming at me from when I last posted. I hit my prn last night which is unusual and am shaking that off with that giant cup above, thanks 😁

How are you going this morning?

Re: Taking the plunge

A whole lot of buses sounds awful @CheerBear, but I wondered after your start yesterday. People have no idea what can be set in motion, or emotions when things like that happen.


I honestly don’t know how I am @CheerBear . I re arranged my lounge room yesterday, looking for some space, which I didn’t find. 😁😁. Kind of friend called and we walked dogs and I listened as per usual. My counsellor comes this morning, which is good, but I’m emotional and hate that.


No doubt your day will be full of unexpected.

Re: Taking the plunge

So much was set off @Maggie, and you're so right in that few people seem to have any idea how flattening and then some that can be. I wish I could go back to bed and sleep the day away today. That's all I feel like doing this morning.

It sounds jumbled for you, which is understandable. What it is about emotional that you hate (purely out of curiosity and no need to answer)?

Re: Taking the plunge

I wish you could have today in bed @CheerBear  Any chance of rest somewhere in between mr fix it and kids at school?

Hows the week end looking for you?


Pretty much everything about emotions I hate @CheerBear . I feel vulnerable. 🙃🙃 Gotta hate that one. Plus I fear rejection in that my counsellor might not see it from my point of view. That has never happened, but I prepare for every possible impossible, unexpected and then some. 😁😁😁 Its so much fun being inside my head. 😁😁😁

Re: Taking the plunge

I don't think so about rest @Maggie. I have my psych this morning, thankfully. It's been a month since I've seen him because of school holidays. Then plumber apparently. As expected the owner tried but couldn't fix it, only he didn't get here until it was too late to call someone out. I was supposed to hear from the plumber last night to work out times, but nothing. Was also told it could be days to get the hot water going if it needs to be replaced. It's the big don't matter feels there.

2/3 had big hiccups at school yesterday. Thankfully I was in there anyway with a meeting with the social worker but there will be stuff to get on to about that today too.

This weekend is supposed to be gardening. I have so much to do of it out the back. In around that will be a birthday party my kids are invited to and trying to sit with the 'should be visiting unwell/well people' working out if I can do that too.

I'm miserable this morning 🙁

I hate vulnerable too. I really do, and I get how being emotional can feel and be vulnerable. It's hard to talk and trust it will be met with care, sensitivity and understanding even when it's with someone as great as your counsellor. I was wondering whether counsellor might be someone who can advocate for you with the RA mess?

Re: Taking the plunge

Oh @CheerBear  lots and lots of bigs in there going on around you and inside you.


Totally unacceptable about the hot water. Really angry feels for you there. So much depends on hot water, showers, dishes, washing. All pile up. You matter @CheerBear 💕💜💕 but I get the feelings that come from uncaring owners, on a power chase. 😡😡


2/3 is a big on too, plus carrying through to today.


No wonder you feel miserable. Totally get that. 💜💜💕💕☕️☕️☕️


Listening if if it helps to vent, but understand if it doesn’t.


Not sure I can even talk about the RA mess. I’ve written it in our book. We write every week. I have a book to put down what’s happening. I write better than I talk. I get shaky messy and confused. Things come out wrong, often fall out.


Sitting with you @CheerBear  Really big warm feels for you today, more than the usual. You will understand. You don’t have to write, just be, breath. That’s all you need right now @CheerBear 💜💕💜💕💜☕️☕️☕️☕️




Re: Taking the plunge

Re: Taking the plunge

Thank you @Maggie lots, for caring and for listening and for getting how one thing can set off a whole chain of overwhelm. It feels too big and too much today. I'm on the verge of melting out big 'can't do it all' tears. My psych will catch them and I'll keep telling myself that maybe it's just a bad day until I convince myself of that.


I love your book idea. I get how spoken words can be so much harder than written ones.

I super appreciate the sitting and I'm sitting with you too, knowing vulnerability isn't all it's cracked up to be.


Here's some more of the coffee wisdom I found (while I wait for your image to clear). They're kind of upbeat which I don't love always, but when I read enough of them it kind of rubs off maybe. 




Hope the day has something that feels good in it for you 💕

Re: Taking the plunge

Hi @Maggie  Its -3 hours here in WA.

And yes I was up late and then up early too. My typical sleep pattern, cant blame jetlag. Just a quick one, gotta do hubbys second round of meds for the morning shortly. I can see that you sre really struggling with this latest RA setback. Wanted to say I feel for you so very much. I hear you and I care very much. Its heartbreaking that our medical system is so dreadfully broken.


I also see that @CheerBear is going thru so much. My kindest thoughts and huge admiration goes out to you.


Sending lots of love to you both.


Sherry 💕

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