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Senior Contributor

feeling alone tonight

Evening all

I hope you all had a wonderful easter

I'm just feeling sad and alone tonight.

I never not had my children with me for a major holiday.

They are with their father today and his new little family.....less then 12months and he has a live in girl friend and her 5 children

then there is me.

i havent gotten out of bed today

not even a happy easter from my own family 



Re: feeling alone tonight

Hi Sara
sending you a big hug thinking of you
take care
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Re: feeling alone tonight

That would have been really hard without the kids. I hope they are home and you are feeling less alone. Glad you have come here, you aren't alone here. 


Re: feeling alone tonight

Hi Lisa

no there not home till tomorrow night
long way to go yet
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Re: feeling alone tonight

Time keeps moving.. thankgoodness! too slowly at times but it does move. What will you do with the kids when they get home? have you got something planned? Keep something inmind to look forward too Smiley Happy

Re: feeling alone tonight

We had our little easter yesterday and it used up all my spare money for the month. all the while he spoils them rottern to the point where they ask to go there every day

i am such a failier i cant even get work at a supermarket to give them somthing better

Re: feeling alone tonight

Hey @sara 

I'm so sorry to hear how crappy your easter has been. Sounds like staying in bed was a great way to get through it. Bed can be very soothing on such a jagged day as your first holiday without the kids there.

I also relate. The first Xmas after our very acrimonious split, I spent Xmas Day alone. No call or text. I cried all day. I also spent a large part of the day blaming myself for creating this mess and dreading every Xmas, Easter and birthday to come, knowing for a fact that I would never get used to being alone on all of those important days.

Not long after that, my ex and I settled down and began to communicate. Now we do these events much better. So much in fact that last night he slept in my son's bed so we could all wake up together.

I know you said your ex has a new partner so this isn't likely to happpen but, is it possible that a better way of dealing with these sorts of holidays is on the horizon?

Re: feeling alone tonight

My ex is also my abuser in more ways then one with the devorce and custody battle starting next month I really dont see this happening.

not after the phone call the other night with him demanding i remove the ivo that i had ruined his life by placing this on him that this is all in my own head that none of the abuse ever happened

at least i have some physical scars that i can show the truth
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Re: feeling alone tonight

Something special doesnt have to cost money Smiley Happy maybe you could have the table set up for colouring or make tents in the living room lol i have no idea how old your kids are.. if they are teenagers maybe not! Smiley Very Happy But just having something in mind might give you something to ge ready or plan for tomorrow. My ex sees mine for supervised access and he's the same with spoling them. They get so many toys and games I can't possibly compete. And as i've not been working since january they are having to adjust to our having less money and not being able to do things we used to, which has been reaally hard to explain - understand the guilt too..!

Hope you get some sleep tongiht

Re: feeling alone tonight


I can understand the feeling you are going through, last christmas was my first one alone, and it was really difficult to stay motivated and to try and do some small things that i enjoy and to make me smile, so i put on some up beat music, and watched a few movies of stand up comics for a bit of a chuckle, it didn't change that i still felt a bit on the lurch but, it helped ease it a little.

Happy Easter Sara

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