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Re: not feeling good

Hi @Faith-and-Hope  - it's good to see you again too


And your right - it is a sucky situation - I totally get that



Not applicable

Re: not feeling good

Dear @BlueBay 


I just wanted to quickly check in with you and let you know I have just caught up with your posts over the past week.

I can see how difficult things are for you right now.  And the almost impossible situation of you needing to self isolate in a home full of people in close quarters.  Fingers crossed you do not have the Coronavirus and life can get back to near normality for your household asap.  In the meantime I see it as a perfect opportunity to put boundaries in place where your bedroom becomes your own space.  Be strong and be consistent in that regard.


I also wanted to thank you for the support you have provided to me since we have shared membership of these wonderful forums.  I have very much valued and appreciated your support and your friendship over that time.  I sincerely hope I may have, in some small way, provided some comfort and support to you over the years as well.  I wish you well in all that you do.




Re: not feeling good

Hi everyone 

I had to have a few days off because of my health and trying to get my head around things. 
@Dec  I know you always tell me ehst you think honestly. I'm struggling. I need time. I feel like I'm been told off. Maybe it's me. Yeah it prob is me. 
Resting at home snd kids have been helping. 
isilation is hard eith everyone around. 
tes @Faith-and-Hope  it is really hard and sucky. 
@Former-Member  I'm not too bad. Cough is easing up. But I've had a headache since last Wednesday. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow. 
hi to @Shaz51 @Hamsolo01 



Re: not feeling good

Hi @BlueBay


I wasn't telling you off  - I was just giving you the bottom line because this is how serious the situation is right now and we all have to have to protect each other esp little kids like A. I you feel told off then that's how you feel and that's okay  - thanks for being honest with me and take all the time you need 




Re: not feeling good

Thankyou @Dec 

I think I just need some space. I'm not coping physically or mentally. 
and as you know there's so much anxiety and fear with this virus for us all. Xxx


Re: not feeling good

I'm sorry @Dec 

I always worry when I say something that's on my mind that you or others will be angry with me or even hate me. 

im feeling not bad except today I had terrible upper stomach pains. Saw my doctor this morning and he said it's anxiety. He said to do some breathing exercises to help my nerves calm down. 
I had a meltdown in his rooms. Telling him how my fear of this virus is huge. 
he tried to reassure me but really no one knows just how bad this could get. 

he's told me to give work another 1-2 weeks before I start. He doesn't want me to get it as it will affect my asthma. 

Its nice sitting outside on our deck. Nice fresh air and the sun. 
It's really hard to try to keep little A busy. She does do painting, play doh, books, toys. But she cant go to the parks. We have a playground at the end of our street and today it was taped. Little A looked and we explained to her it's closed for children as there's lots of people sick. So we don't go near them. It's as if she understood because she doesn't even run to it. She just goes with the flow. We're lucky where we live. We have a long walking track and it's very quiet. We let A walk and run a little so it tires her out.  
apart from our 30 min daily walk we're inside. 
are you ok? Do you have enough food? 

hi @Former-Member @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 @Hamsolo01 @Maggie @Zoe7 @Molliex @Angels333 

hope you all are doing ok. Take care all. 


Re: not feeling good

Thanks @BlueBay 


If only you knew - I don't get angry if other people speak their mind - I am happy to know how other people think and feel about life and other issues - it's important to me - I do get angry sometimes but it's a very short thing for me and usually geared at some kind of social injustice.


You are okay that way - I'm not about to turn you away esp when you show that you have thought through things so quickly. Well done - I know it was hard for you

but I think you have done a lot of thinking lately


Everyone is an.anxious about the corona virus and what will happen - personally I have enough to manage well enough - I have had someone do my shopping or take me shopping and I have been able to see my doctor - that's the only time I have been out lately - I am into my third week of voluntary isolation and I am eligible for a pensioner's payment tomorrow I think - and I am okay


One thing about living a life where I have faced and lived though all sorts of tough issues have given me resilience. I know you can't see it but you are surviving all this and is will grow resilience. Actually it's the only way to get it - it grows by surviving and you have survived so much - and I know BPD is a disorder you can't help and makes your life harder you are - day-by-day - getting through all sorts of troubles


And the coronavirus is one more thing and what really angers me is that so many Australians are abandoned overseas in cruise ships - I just hope the Government will bring them home - and then I feel uncomfortable about people who have been overseas are are in compulsory isolation in hotel rooms - I know it's necessary. That's how I see it - and as far as I am - I am okay - I have plenty to do and plenty to eat and I am used to being alone so I really thank you for asking. I was very glad to see your post.


I can walk outside too - where I live there are some double units dotted around in a little part - I can see my neighbours walking past and now doubt they can see me sitting here typing until I pull the blind down. 


Thinking of you - all the best




You must be feeling better to go for a walk with A and show her that the park was closed because people are sick right now and that was an excellent way to explain it to her and from the news there are more people with the virus on the Peninsula


Re: not feeling good

Hi @Dec 

Thanks for your honesty. I need to learn to be more assertive and when I feel I need to say something thst I can. 

I'm feeling really emotional today.  Not sure why. Could be the virus and the fear. 
My D and I will take A for a quick walk  through the camping grounds on the foreshore. There's no one there snd it gives A a bit of freedom to run around. 
I had a headache for 6 days. It went away Sunday snd yesterday sbd this morning it's back. It's a heavy headache. I'm now wondering if it's my blood pressure going up. 
Hope you have a nice day. ❤️

hello to my friends 😊

@Former-Member @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 @Hamsolo01 @Maggie @Zoe7 @Molliex  and others I've missed. ❤️❤️


Re: not feeling good

Hello @BlueBay . I hope your walk with D and A helps, even in small ways. 


Do you have a BP machine at home where you can monitor yourself.? I bought one a few years back when my BP was really high. It might help to just keep an eye on it.


Sending some 💙💙💙 for today.


Re: not feeling good

Hi BlueBayHi BlueBayHi @BlueBay 


It's good to see you here so early. I hope your day ia okay - this is not an easy time but we made t to Tuesday - yes


It's normal to be anxious - this is not an easy time to live through - the thing is not to add worry about being anxious - that more than doubles the problem. What will happen will happen and we don't have to worry about that sort of thing until it matter


what I heard on TV yesterday is that we are not stuck at home - we are safe at home - I don't feel bad about the situation because all I can do is self-isolate but yes - I am safe at home


You do need to learn to be assertive - I did a course in being assertive years and years ago - back in the last millenium actually - it was fun learning that with people I got to know.


Most people won't be angry if you speak your mind. I had a think about it - my mother had a nasty manner and I recognise now she was feeling inferior about her lsck of education and chipped away with her nasty manner - I have a feeling your mother is the same and here's the thing. Know you are better than that and see if you can locate some info on how to be assertive


You do have a right to your own opinion

You have a right to say you don't know

You have a right to say you don't want to

You have the right to speak your mind


I believe other people don't get as angry as you think they might - I certainly don't - it isn't necessary to please other people all the time - yes - we all do at times


I feel cross because I am supposed to isolate more than most people because of my age. I understand the reasons and it makes sense but older people need exercise just as other people do - we all need fresh ait and think about it - when your kids were babies you took them for a walk in the pram each day because they needed fresh air - in reality mother's need exercise -


And we all do now - and it's okay to be irritated by having so many other people in the house - you did not expect them to all come home and here they are and in the current situation they are not likely to leave - but you are entitled to your feelings about it.


This - like everthing else - will pass - and we will all be different because of it - such a global catastrophe will have an impact on the future but that future will come


Don't worry so much - do what you can and work when you are able - I know it's frustrating but you will be okay - 


Sending hugs



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