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Re: rough time

@outlander  hugs my sister , here for you xxx  

Re: rough time

Thanks everyone 💜💜

Re: rough time

@outlander 💜 💜 💜 💜

@Snowie 💙💙💙💙💙

@Zoe7 💜💜💜💜💜💜

Re: rough time

@Sans911 💜

Re: rough time

How was your evening out? @Sans911

Re: rough time

Yes it was kinda OK. My sister and I caught up with one of our nieces in the city. We had dinner at a food market. I don't have a great connection with her, and we've not seen her in a long time. She only stayed a short while as she was off to a concert.

We left for home after that. Got an Uber as I have a couple of discounts this week.

How are you doing @outlander? 💜 💜 💜

Re: rough time

Im glad it was kinda ok @Sans911 can be a little tougher when you havent got a very good connection. Sometimes it just turn into pasing the time.

I stayed at mums house last night. Didnt know i was until the other day. Originally was only watching kids for dinner. Wasnt overly bad, kids were good but id prefer to be at home when i cant manage my headches or when im feeling very triggerred. Im trying a treatment today that might help with headaches ao fingers crossed. Ive only had 2 hrs sleep so have been up doing mums washing to help get back on top of it all.

Any plans for you today?💕💕

@Snowie 💜💜

Re: rough time

Ohhhh @outlander  ... you do way too much for your Mum ... especially when you are clearly so unwell yourself.  How does your Pop get along with you being away overnight?  I know you were monitoring on-line bookings to see whether you could get in to see another GP sooner than your current appointment.  Any success?  Hi @Sans911 @Gazza75 👋


Sherry 💕

Re: rough time

Pop is ok for one night. He has credit on his phone and knows how to ring, all he had to do was heat up dinner knows how to do breakfast. He knows im at mums and ive left notes in case he forgets which more then likeley he would.
Mums coming home about 10 so ill be home again soon.

My illnesses are never visible. Even when im in agony i cant help but hide it. Even after my surgery the carer didn't pick it up but i couldnt talk no voice and to much swelling.
Cant talk to mum anyway or anyone so its best i just cope as much as i can.

No, no luck getting in earlier. If its to bad tomorrow ill have to cancel the event and go to the drs but im hoping treatment will be ok and will help ease things before i get to the drs on tuesday.

Re: rough time

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