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Senior Contributor

why why why

Hi, just joined like 5mins ago. I suffer from possibly bi polar I had what they called a psychotic break from reality about 6 years ago trialled on a heap of diff combos of meds. Felt okayish about 2 year's ago and decided to wean off my meds without letting anyone know until I was off them. My wife was understanding of my reasoning and all was ok sorta maybe. I realised 3 days ago how wrong I was andi am trying to find a psychiatrist near me that I can see to get assessed again andwork out if I have bi polar or something else and get help for it. I can't find anything online my gp made it out that they are easy to find except I dont want to go into a hospital. Any thoughts or ideas from anyone would maybe help. Currently experiencing mania but control the silly urges I last about a week like this then depression for a few weeks altho I think I actually spike up and down alot more then I realized sorry rambling please your help is appreciated


Re: why why why

Hi Kato,


Welcome to the forums!


Good on you for getting yourself back on track. That self awareness and acknowledgement is something that people battle with.

I'm surprised your GP didn't refer you to someone. It sounds like he/she has left you to find one. Is that correct?

There are two main directories that I'm aware of;

Beyond Blue: They have a directory for all professionals which you can find here

The Australian & NZ College of psychiatrists: they have a directory specifically for psychiatrists, which you can find here


Again, welcome to the forums.



Re: why why why

Also look at mindspot. You can do a short survey and see if it makes sense to you.

In terms of bipolar. Depending on where you let you could also try a mutual help peer support group, other people in your area may know of excellent psychiatrists or psychologist s specialising in bipolar.

Some groups that are I know of are :, Grow, Voices groups, anxiety groups such as Adavic in Victoria and MIF and MIND might offer some as well.

If your GP doesn't know also ask your local neighbourhood house, community health centre or local library..

Take care in the meantime and keep looking.

Re: why why why

I tried beyond blue and I didnt have luck with the directory and finding someone close by. I get fairly severe anxiety with regards to actually talking to someone my thoughts disappear and I close up like a clam when it is having to speak. Writing/typing no issues I also tried the new zealand thing and they had 3 but 1 I didnt like the sound of and the other 2 were hospital locations.
I might hhave another look at beyond blue. There online chat thing should be up now. Ummm again sorry to everyone who I may have offended
As you might tell I am calmer. A mate came round tonight and we didnt really talk about anything really but it was nice.
That is one thing I have found since accepting that I do have mental health something I am more ok with letting my close friends know that I am perhaps not 100% even if I seem it (covered up for a long time)
Thank you and hope to be able to discuss more with you all

Re: why why why

Basically I think my gp didn't want to reccomend someone the gp went with my thought pattern of picking my own I didn't realize that 99% psychiatrist s are hospital based

Re: why why why

Hi Kato,


Have you had a negative experience with psychiatrists based at hospitals?

I totally understand your point around how much easier it is to write/type than talk. Whenever I'm emotional I can never get out what I want to get out (& it makes me more upset). I've taken to writing notes. I write exactly what I want to say. Sometimes I give that note as a 'letter' for someone else to read, sometimes I just read it out loud to the person (I find this best because I forget that I'm not reading my own words and I'm focusing on reading, rather than the content) or sometimes I find just writing it down helps me get my thoughts in order and I don't need the notes (but I have them on hand just in case)

Would this be useful for you seeking help face to face or on the phone?


Just letting you know, we stop moderating in a few mins. You can still post & your post won't be lost, but it will go live at 5pm AEST tomorrow.


It's been great to 'meet' you Smiley Happy



Re: why why why

no nothing negative I think its just the ridiculous stigma I have of myself that they will not let me leave ridiculous I know but that is my reason/excuse I find that even if I write my thoughts or what I wanted to say down on a note or paper. My brain still knows that it is my thought and makes my ability to construct a simple sentance that I wrote almost impossible. I stutter I eithet get amillion thoughts at once or none my mind shuts off or goes completely blank, most specialists don't believe it happens I have found a holistic counselor near me who is really good he doesn't look at me funny when this occurs and doesn't prompt me to keep going he just patiently waits for me to either break thru or give up and doesn't make me try again we move onto a slightly similar topic but diff angle. Now my biggest query getting off my rambling is my initial episode was blamed on a number off things nearly every psychologist was trying to pin blame on my parents or upbringing ir something bad must have happened it is possible (highly doubt) my childhood was ok parents relatively good bit slack on teaching me afew things which I am learning now but rogether still I wasn't abused or anything frim what I can remember very very vague it was ok. Once I got that thru then it must have been my d r u g use possible yes but again not convinced anyone else have similar and if so have you learnt what triggered for you. I have understand if no one wants to say. I will never admit what I did and went thru with my break from reality. Niknik thank you for not banning me for life much appreciated and hope to chat more with you also

Re: why why why

Hello Kato.

My name is John. I can't write much right now because I am tired and need very much to go to bed.

First of all, I need to say that what works for me might not work for you, but...

I was diagnosed with Bi-polar Affective Disorder fifteen years ago, after a nine month manic episode.

No-one, not my family or friends, and least of all me, knew what was going on at the time.

There were a number of issues that, together, I think, triggered that episode...Some: A very, very, stressful work and relationship problem, and not in the least, massive marijuana consumption.

I am very wary of psychologists. Good ones are few and far between I believe. Bad ones can actually be quite dangerous.  

Try to see a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is licenced to prescribe medication. And as much as you might not want to take it (I know!), it should help.  

If you want to ask me anything about my experience, I will try to answer. Just, not too much at once, or I will get overwhelmed.


Bruce Lee and the Green Hornet

Hiya Kato,

Cool name.  (Kato is the servant and chauffer for the Green Hornet, played by Bruce Lee in the 1966 tv show.)

My state and most of Oz has a Mental Health Act.  I found it through the internet in like, 30 seconds.

Perhaps more useful is this link:  The title says it all  

"A dummy's guide to the Mental Health legal system NSW."

The system is weighted towards the the legal rights of the person seeking psychiatric care.

And I quote:  " In most circumstances, the patient has the right to choose, provided they have the capacity to make an informed decision."

This means that as a Voluntary patient you can leave the hospital, and refuse treatment that you don't consent to.

The other classification is that of Invountary patient, which involves A:  proof of mental illness ( Duh) and B: (here's the punchline) proof that the patient is at risk of serious harm to themself or others.

With Involuntary admission, there's a crapload of paperwork, assessment by 2 docs, and then a Magistrate.

That's some serious sh*t right there, bro. Woman LOL

I've been admitted twice, both times with the Involuntary classification.

One time took just short of a week to get out.  The staff were cool, my fellow patients not bad on the whole considering we were all batsh*t. Woman Surprised

The other time took a couple hours.  Getting arrested was no fun, but by the first interview I was able to get a grip.

Now I just phone ahead if I have the time to spare (and the insight) and go to the local hospital psych ward.

If you have someone to go with you that would be another positive.  They will be respected and listened to.

All these other posts are very useful.  Thanks people!  Heart

Heart Kato.  Take care.


Re: why why why

Hi john I know what you mean regarding too much in one go lol my last comment reads whoa lol I was super manic yesterday and couldnt reign in.

Yes mine I believe was stress triggered from work and relationship issues. I want to see a psychiatrist and I want to take the right meds.

I think my issue with hospital is I when I broke 6 years ago i was really unpleasant in regards to my lovely wife, she copped the brunt of some very uncharacteristically not me behavior. I will not go into.

Recently I have had 2 similar outbursts with the last one being the most extreme they would not let me out if they knew it all

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