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Re: All Things Sport...

Take some deep breathes @Scarecrowe I felt the same going back after the holidays but once you get through the first day back it feels a little easier. What kind of work do you do?

Re: All Things Sport...

thanks for that @Zoe7    i appreciate the support


i work in retail.......nothing terrible exciting

Re: All Things Sport...

It might not be terribly exciting @Scarecrowe but very necessary work buddy. We all contribute to society in different ways and no job is more or less important than others Smiley Very Happy

Re: All Things Sport...

too true there @Zoe7 


but then why do some jobs pay way more than others Smiley Very Happy

Re: All Things Sport...

That is yet another inequalities in society @Scarecrowe unfortunately...

Re: All Things Sport...

and so many of them sadly @Zoe7 


well i had better head off to bed since that rotten alarm is going off in the morning...grumble grumble......


night @Zoe7  @Hamsolo01      thanks for the chat, was fun as always


have a great Monday

blessings to you

take care and keep smiling


Re: All Things Sport...

I hope tomorrow is not too hard on you @Scarecrowe Sleep well buddy and thanks for the chat yet again ...rather enjoying your company Smiley Very Happy


I am going to head off soon myself - need to wash up before bed and give Cat some cuddles.


Goodnight @Scarecrowe and @Hamsolo01 Heart

Re: All Things Sport...

oh @Zoe7  what a lovely thing to say,  I am enjoying your company as well, we have a lot in common us Taswegians lol.  Heart

yes can't forget to give the cat cuddles lol

night night


Re: All Things Sport...

I agree with @Zoe7
It's good to see you here @Scarecrowe
Smiley Happy

Re: All Things Sport...

Thank so much @Hamsolo01    such a lovely thing to say..............

I am glad I am here too..................Smiley Happy

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