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Craft Corner

A place to chat and share all things crafty!

What's your favourite craft? Is there anything you're working on at the moment? What would you like to create/work on (I have heaps of "one day" project patterns and ideas that I know I will probably never get around to, but it's nice to imagine)? I'd love to hear!

I have absolutely no artistic side to me and stick figures are the extent of my drawing ability, but I really enjoy learning and trying out new crafts. I learnt crochet during a stay in a prevention and recovery centre and it's something I pick up often when I am feeling blue, I need a distraction or I'm just a little bored. I've tried paper crafts too, although I didn't really get far with anything. Sharpies are some of my best friends and when I find my hands need to move I have a collection of smooth rocks that I draw on (different coloured circles) which often relaxes me. Sometimes I dust off the sewing machine and sew as well. I walk around spotlight for a fun outing Smiley Wink

Looking forward to hearing from you all Smiley Happy
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Re: Craft Corner

This is the biggest project I have undertaken. It's a (very) colourful and huge mandala (I'm holding off on posting a photo of it until this round is finished). I am following a blog from an amazing designer who has shared an easy to follow pattern which comes with youtube videos. I've now learnt how to read a pattern becuase of this, and have tried stitches that I couldn't have imagined being able to do before.PhotoGrid_1491268890329.png It's really special to me and I am looking forward to sharing the bigger picture of it some day Smiley Happy

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Re: Craft Corner

Just amazing @CheerBear. Will be waiting for the day the final pic can go up. It's looks wonderful and is something you'll be able to treasure for years to come. 💜🤗😘

Re: Craft Corner

Love this discussion thread idea, @CheerBear. Hi @Former-Member. As I said in the discussion elsewhere the other night, I am an occasional knitter. I have a jumper for my companion that I've already knitted but only partly sewn up. It's been sitting on a chair for a while in that state. It's getting closer to the cooler time up here when a light jumper such as this one would be good to wear. The yarn is half wool and half bamboo. The pattern is a chunky variation on moss stitch. The colour is indigo blue (but a lighter colour than you might imagine). It's the first jumper I've knitted since I was six weeks in hospital for crohns surgery in 1985. I will post a picture of it when it's finished. Smiley Happy

Re: Craft Corner

wow @CheerBear fantastic colours.  Colours definitely be something very close to your heart.  These designs, your rainbow, funshine..   makes sense because I am sure they make you feel good to look at them and create them, they sure do to me and I'm not even a feely type. 

They are just so full of cheer and joy Smiley Happy  really beautiful.  Thank you for sharing them.

Re: Craft Corner

Thank you lovelies Smiley Happy

Yes colours and feely things are close to my heart @Spookytookims. This one is a special one as it's kind of a document of this journey, in a blanket.

@Mazarita - sounds amazing and I can't wait to see. I have no idea how to knit - it makes absolutely no sense to me at all so I am always curious to see what different knitting stitches look like. Chunky knit is amazing and a wool bamboo blend would feel beautiful! Most of what I use is acrylic because of the cost which is a shame.

@Former-Member - are you a creative/crafty/arty kind of person?

Re: Craft Corner

I love it @CheerBear.  I don't really know how to crochet; actually I tried but it turned out crap.  I am knitting at tyhe moment.  I am knitting a baby blanket for my first grandchild but i don't like it so i am about to pull it apart and start again.

I really love all the colours you have used.  So clever.  I am also going to knit some booties and baby hat for a friend's first grandson to be born in August.  I have some blue wool left over so I will do that first.

Can't wait to see the final stage of this beautiful blanket Smiley Happy

Re: Craft Corner

Thank you @ bluebay 😊

Your first grandchild - how exciting! Congratulations Smiley Happy What colours are you using? It's frustrating when you feel like pulling apart your work!

I'd still love to see a photo of anything you've made if you'd like to share. Tiny baby booties and hats are always special when they're handmade 😊
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Re: Craft Corner

@CheerBear, you did it! started a thread - great! Love your yarn colour choices. Now its cooling down, i pulled out the knee rug I made in memory of my girl, in her fav colours (purple, red reel), keeps my knees warm, but not complex like your beautiful work, just double chain. BlueBay, how do you have the patience for knitting? You guys are so clever Smiley Happy

Re: Craft Corner

@Former-Member - that would be a very special blanket. Is it the one your little dog was snuggled in?

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