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Re: Far and Away

good night and sending hugs to you @Faith-and-Hope , @Zoe7 , @Snowie , @Pepsimax HeartHeart

Re: Far and Away

Goodnight @Shaz51 Sleep well Heart

Re: Far and Away

Goodnight my sister - hope you sleep well @Shaz51 Heart

Re: Far and Away

Goodnight @Shaz51 💕💤

Re: Far and Away

Going to head off myself @Faith-and-Hope and do as much as I can before I face plant too. Goodluck with your work tonight Hon. I am still with you even when I am not - rest your tears on my shoulder and know you are thought about and loved. Hope you sleep well when you can finally head to bed. Goodnight my angel Heart

Re: Far and Away

Goodnight @Zoe7 .  I don’t think that will be far away ....



Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope Let your body tell you when it is ready and sleep well Hon. Heart

Re: Far and Away

hello and hugs @Zoe7 , @Faith-and-Hope , @Snowie , @Pepsimax , @oceangirl , @Sherry , @Former-Member 


we got the car in to be serviced

soo no work today

so we walked to my mum`s to clean

and then walked  to the hospital for a blood test

had morning tea with mum

and then we walked home

so doing nothing now , maybe later xxx

Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope  (((((❣️)))))


Re: Far and Away

Hi @EOR .... 

Any feathered visitors today ?

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