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Re: Far and Away

Goodluck with the early appointment for hubby @Sherry Hope you get some time to yourself today too Hon Heart

Re: Far and Away

Good morning @Zoe7 - nice to 'see' you. I hope you're day has some good in it.

Also morning to @Faith-and-Hope @Sherry

I've been awake half the night with a heat pack on my chest for pain and an ice block on my belly for an itch so bad I want to tear my skin off. Feeling super uncomfortable in my skin right now.

Re: Far and Away

Oh @Sans911 ... you poor thing. That sounds awful. Really hope it eases soon. 💜🍀🌺

Re: Far and Away

That sounds really uncomfortable @Sans911 Look after yourself Hon - you have been through a lot and that sounds really annoying and difficult to be dealing with - hope it improves and you can get some sleep today Heart

Re: Far and Away

hello and lots of hugs for today @Zoe7 , @Faith-and-Hope , @Maggie , @Sans911 , @Sherry HeartHeart

Re: Far and Away

🦋💜 @Zoe7 .... windy here too this morning .... grrrr .... will be thinking of you.  I hope it goes away quickly today.


That is something S2 hasn’t gotten past yet - having strangers in his space.  He can go out to spaces where strangers are, but it still brings on panic stacks sometimes .... other times he’s fine.  Lotsa daily baby steps.

Re: Far and Away

Morning @Shaz51

Re: Far and Away

Haha @Sherry .... I have planned ahead.  I have bought pyjamas that look like day clothes ..... I can disguise them, and could even wear them to uni at a pinch, but they would probably come back with paint on them.


Hugs and hugs @Sans911 .... seeing you here this early (for you) was a fair indication you weren’t sleeping much.  Feeling for you too, hoping that you can get some more 💤💤💤 across the day, cos that is where the healing happens, as you well know 💜💐💕


Hope you’re back in jammie’s soon too @Sherry â£ï¸

Re: Far and Away

I thought you meant it was going to be a permanent move back for S2 @Faith-and-Hope but understand it is just whilst having a tradie is in his space - totally get how that would be disconcerting for him.


Re: Far and Away

Hi 👋 @Zoe7 @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 @Sherry and others following 

Hope you all have a nice day 

hugs to you all ❤️❤️❤️

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