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Re: Far and Away

Hello and hugs @Faith-and-Hope , @EOR , @Zoe7 , @Snowie , @Pepsimax

Big car bill today @Sherry , @Former-Member 

Re: Far and Away

Heading home from uni @Shaz51 ..... will catch up here a bit later.


Hope you’re travelling okay @Zoe7 .

Re: Far and Away

thanks @Faith-and-Hope , I don`t feel that awesome this afternoon my friend Heart

@Zoe7, my sister hoping you ae ok xoxo

Re: Far and Away


@Shaz51 @Faith-and-Hope @EOR @Zoe7 @Snowie 


Hi Smiley Happy


I'm going into hospital on Monday for surgery- keyhole surgery (two days)

Re: Far and Away

Will be thinking of you my sister @oceangirl   and walking with you xxc 

Re: Far and Away

I hope it all goes well for you @oceangirl .  Will be thinking of you, and thanks for keeping us in the loop.


Hugs ❣️

Re: Far and Away

Goodluck with the surgery @oceangirl 


Glad you got the car taken in for a service @Shaz51 and still managed to do a lot in your day. There was some relaxing in there too so that is great too Smiley Very Happy

Re: Far and Away

Sure was my awesome sister @Zoe7 

Soo glad to see you before going to bed xxxx

Been thinking of you lots today 

@Faith-and-Hope , xxxx 

Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope I am okay Hon - been a really long day Smiley Sad The kids were really good today and we got a lot done but I have to go in tomorrow to finish some things off. The pompom animals are coming together but still a lot of work to be done before Friday to be able to present them and their animal researdh in assembly. I also have a meeting after school about one of my boys and his brothers. It was the time I suggested so have to go ...was pretty much the only time I had this week so will do a couple of things in the morning then spend the rest of the day at work.


Picked up the fence palings after work. They are in really good condition considering they are off an old fence. The guy who owns the business actually left a job to come home to help me stack them on the trailer so that was really lovely of him. He has said if I need anymore anytime then contact him - he and his wife were both really lovely Smiley Very Happy


It is supposed to be clear on Saturday so it will be a long day of measuring and cutting for 24 birdhouses Smiley Surprised The kids did plans today of what they would like and I will give them 3 choices of designs on Friday to choose from - very much hoping they go for the easier options but either way it is a lot of work. We have a few weeks to get them done though so more do-able than the 2 weeks I intially thought.


How did your group assignment go today? How are you doing tonight?

Re: Far and Away

Good luck with the surgery @oceangirl  ❀️

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