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Re: Good Morning!

@Gazza75 @greenpea hey beautiful pea and Gazza, I got through two long days at work. So feeling relaxed. Have a great evening

Re: Good Morning!

Good job @Meowmy  you deserve some rest and relaxation after that. Have a good evening and time with bubbly pea.and @Hamsolo01. I plan on relaxing night and weekend  not round here much. 

Re: Good Morning!

hey @Meowmy @greenpea @Gazza75

Add Thai food to the menu lol

Re: Good Morning!

@Meowmy @Gazza75  Hey Meowmy and Gazza75 finally son2 is out for the night with carer. I hope he has a good night. This girl that he likes and who doesnt like him it is so sad ..... he has such a crush on her Smiley Sad. I will have to pick up the pieces ..... hopefully there will be a girl that he likes soon that will like him back one can only hope.



Imaginary coffe anyone? I might have a hot chocolate tongith and some Darrel Lea bbs jaffa flavoured. Smiley Happy

Re: Good Morning!

@Hamsolo01 sounds good, feeling blessed , my juice tastes hood, my friends are great 

Re: Good Morning!

@greenpea sounds wonderful beautiful pea, very nice foods and drinks 

Re: Good Morning!

@greenpea hope he can find someone to. Where there is life there is hope. Mmmmm Darrell Lee chocs!!!  Lucky pea!! 

Re: Good Morning!

Hi greenpea,

Nice to get ur msg thank u.

I am still holding out to go private but still petrified. Even more so now, they tried me on a new med and it sent my symptoms thru the roof after 1 dose, just like every other med has. Bn crying on and off for the better part of 2 days and my head symptoms r horrible. Got about 3.5 week wait still for private.


Hubbys work situation is tough. Hard to explain but we hav a bit different beliefs on what he shld do and its causing some friction, and inaction. He hasnt done nething about it yet. Its bn quite a source of discontent between us. 

Im sorry to hear u r exhausted, and that son 2 is not well. Has he improved at all? Good that ur doing lots of healthy cooking. My eating is very limited at the moment. Long story, wont bore u with the details.

I hope u r feeling a little better and r able to get some r & r so ur not so exhausted.

Thinking of u pea.

Hugs to u. Xxx

Re: Good Morning!

Good morning everyone. @greenpea @Doglover @Gazza75 @Meowmy @Hamsolo01 

Re: Good Morning!

@Sherry  Good morning Sherry I hope you have a great Saturday Smiley Very Happyxxx

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