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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?


These did not load earlier.
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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Oh dear... here's 50 year old me thinking I'd love to get into making clothes for myself again, and not necessarily conservative ones... Smiley Tongue Maybe more muted colours than the ladies below, but methinks purple will still be in the mix somewhere.

Most definitely not hot pants, miniskirts or boob tubes though! I won't go so far as to totally rule out tie dying.


Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 11.19.56 am.png

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@Smc  I say sew away, flamboyant, non conservative, a bit of colour are not mutton dressed up as lamb. 

images (98).jpeg


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@Smc @Darcy  I am growing my hair hair though so that I can wear it in a bun Smiley Happy. I love the look of older ladies with grey hair in a bun Smiley Very Happy

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

ha ha @greenpea , @Darcy , @Smc , @Ali11 

i am 5????????/  this month

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@greenpea, a few styling suggestions just for you. Smiley Very Happy

I've only got the odd strand of grey here and there. My Mum's hair is still pretty dark at 80-something, so I may never go really grey.
The family all reckon I still look and act 30-ish... so maybe I can claim an exemption from middle age for now? Smiley Tongue It'll catch up with me eventually no doubt, but I'm not in any hurry.




Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@Smc  Oh Smc aren't they all beautiful. I once saw an older lady in her 70s I would say with long grey hair done up in a old fashioned bun and she looked so lady like Smiley Happy

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Online shopping is great for finding some bargains, isn't it @greenpea?


"frogharmonic orchestra" is a delightful name for the choir @Darcy Smiley Happy

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

The term was from a children's book "The musical life of Gustav Mole" where the frogs have a talent the rest of us can only dream about @Ali11



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@Ali11   Hi Ali11 yes online shopping is a buzz for the pea in so many ways. The biggest draw card is  I don't have to go to a mall full of people and cope with all the stresses that go along with that scenerio. I can do it from the comfort of my computer chair Smiley Very Happy and then wait a few days for the package to arrive like magic Smiley Happy.

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