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Community Manager

Meet the moderators

Hi everyone,


As our team of moderators grow, I thought it would be good timing to create this thread so you can get to know us.

SANE Australia collaborates with organisations around Australia to provide this space. Forum moderators come from SANE and the partner organisations, bringing a variety of experiences, knowledge and backgrounds.

For those who aren't too sure what moderators do, the best way to sum it up is that we aim to ensure the community is a welcoming, productive and safe place for all.

You may see us around the place time to time. Often we lurk behind the scenes (that's not as creepy as it sounds!). We want to allow space for peers to connect with each other and believe in the power of peer to peer support. 


So I will start with my introduction

I'm Nik and I'm the Community Manager at SANE Australia. My favourite colour is yellow, favourite food is avocado and could happily live on a tropical island (as long as I could watch all Manly Sea Eagles games each season).

What drives me to do this job is my strong belief in peer support and the benefits it has, and also the role technology can play in improving mental health and wellbeing.

Also.. just so you're aware.. that's not me in my profile pic :smileywink:

So - over to the other moderators. Perhaps you could share what organisation you're from and some random facts about yourself :smileyvery-happy:


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Re: Who's who in the zoo: Meet the moderators

@CherryBomb @Baboo @Hobbit @etc Looking forward to your "zoo" intros (although we already know Cherry is a dog with two waggly tails) Smiley Happy

Great idea @NikNik ! BTW Are you sure that's not really a picture of you? Woman LOL It's certainly very friendly and yellow.



Re: Who's who in the zoo: Meet the moderators

OK, here goes...

So I"m Hobbit. I am one of the moderators on these forums. Some would say my profile pic looks a lot like me in the real world. I am essentially a musician and write songs.

I work at Mental Health Carers ARAFMI and obviously on here as well. I also run a group for people at risk of homelessness in my local area.

I guess the reason I do what I do is that I have had an extremely "eventful" life and the fact that I have come out of it with so many experiences makes me very grateful indeed. So nowadays, I am really passionate about helping others wherever I can.I believe if we can all just have 'a friend' here and there, the world would be a better place.

I have had my own experiences of mental health, and that's why I love to give messages of hope and comfort to you guys.

My favourite food at the moment is peanut butter and golden syrup sandwiches. Try it, honestly!!

PS - I know Nik, and she looks A LOT like her profile pic!! (happy and brigt that is...)

Is that enough or should I say more??



Re: Who's who in the zoo: Meet the moderators

Hi ya, it's Karma, I am also one of the forum moderators.

I work for Mind, a community mental health service, which is predominately a Victorian service, but also has services in South Australia. Ten years later, I still enjoy the connections and the relationships that come from the position, and see the forums as an extension of this work, that is both new and exciting.

I love searching in opp shop for treasures, the thrill is in the search. I also love British crime shows like silent witness and waking the dead. I also enjoy autobiographies, at the moment I am reading the story of the last Australian woman to be hanged, who was accused of poisioning her 2 dead husbands, interesting, (set in the 1888's). the moment snacking on fresh dates, sachet white hot chocolate, and organic 70% + dark chocolate. A seeds and nut mix toasted is my latest addition to a salads, and feels incomplete without it. My avatar... can I say Hobbit is much better looking than the profile they post!

See you about the place


your moderator



JedEyeKnight here. I am your moderator for this session. 


looking forward to reading your posts





Hi everyone,


I am here until 2pm and look forward to reading your post Smiley Happy





Re: Who's who in the zoo: Meet the moderators

Hi everyone,


Sky here because the sky has a calming factor to me. I've been working in the community/ mental health sector for nearly 15 years because I love having community connections and meeting people who share similiar passion.


I like food and I enjoy cooking. I also like movies and team sports such as volley ball, basket ball and soccer. Not that I'm a very discipline person to exercise everyday though Smiley Happy


Look forward to meeting more people here!





Re: Who's who in the zoo: Meet the moderators

Hello to the new Moderators

I was wondering if with the new moderators if there was some new time slots for posting? I noticed a couple of moderators on earlier, but i was just doing a fly by check of the forums

But anyways, welcome aboard

Re: Who's who in the zoo: Meet the moderators

Great question @kato 

We are looking at expanding the hours of moderation, and have moderation for one hour in the morning, and moderation over lunch time for two hours on the week days (I'm sorry I've fogotten the exact times), with the intention to continually expand this.  @NikNik can you please let @kato know what times the Forums are moderated during the week days?


Re: Who's who in the zoo: Meet the moderators

it's all good, i was just curious lol

like i said i only just by happen chance, doing a fly by noticed, moderators online earlier today

i am probably on here too much lol

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