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Turtle check-in station

Psssssst @Darcy,

Look, this is me being super good and following @NikNik's instructions to keep threads on track (notice I tagged NikNik so that she won't miss this moment of my awesomeness Smiley LOL). Based on NikNik's instructions, I figured maybe we need a new space for checking in.

I am FINALLY feeling brighter after having my second session with TTT today. It is SUCH a relief to finally have connected with someone who I feel super safe with. It is tricky at the moment because we are in that super early stage where she knows nothing about me and thus I have to go through the whole looooooooong story all over again. However, assuming she doesn't get squashed by a bus or something, I can see that in time she will be able to help me unmuddle my muddle a bit. 

It is super hard starting over. She knows so little about me at the moment and yet already she is being brutally honest about the fact that it is going to take quite a bit of time to unmuddle the muddle. I am a bit scared that as the story comes out more, we are going to shift from "this is going to take quite some time" to "I'm sorry Phoenix_Rising, but some of this is simply never going to be fixed." Sigh...

Anyway, I am so very very glad I found TTT. How are you and Mr Darcy going at the moment? Is it super hot in your part of the world. It has cooled down here in Sydney now. The other day it reached 47 degrees at my place which is quite absurd. Happily I have airconditioning so S and I just hid in the house all day. Smiley Happy


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Re: Turtle check-in station

Hey @Phoenix_Rising
I do hope that TTT sticks around for the long haul for you.
Is it too warm for you to do any yoga?
We have been spared the exhausting heat, a bit too warm to garden though. We have 9 little chicks that are bringing me joy and another hen sitting - not sure how many (if any) eggs are under her.
Not sure Mr D overdoing things and he has been having pain, psychologically he has not got his equilibrium back post surgery.
Must fly - catch you later.

Re: Turtle check-in station

Loved your herding cat cartoon. I should get you to tag me in the thread where you got instruction as to how to do this (need some of your wit too - I think it is such a gift).

Re: Turtle check-in station

Hi @Darcy,

Oooh, baby chicks sound super cute!

I only got a couple of tips re. how to play with pictures. From there I just played and figured it out. For the herding cats one I did this:

  • Found the picture online.
  • Used Microsoft Paint to erase the text that was in the thought bubble.
  • Copied the picture into Microsoft Publisher.
  • Added the text that I wanted.
  • Saved the picture as a png file.

Ooooh I'm excited that you might have a go at playing with pictures! Smiley Very Happy

Sorry I didn't make it to FF on Friday night. I am still ultra struggling with the fact that my turtle whisperer dumped me and I got flooded with giant feelings on Friday. Oh well, I'm sure you all survived without my input. Smiley Happy

Re: Turtle check-in station

@Phoenix_Rising, so good to hear you have been able to connect with your new councillor, it is always so hard starting over with someone new. Well i is for me anyway. 

Re: Turtle check-in station

@Determined awwww thank you for checking in at the turtle check-in station. Smiley Very Happy

Yep, starting over with someone new is so so SO hard. I do have a lot of my muddle written down and I find that helps. However, it's still ultra difficult. 

I hope you and your darling are travelling at least ok-ish at the moment. 

Re: Turtle check-in station

Ok-ish is about it at the monent @Phoenix_Rising  

Re: Turtle check-in station

so good to hear you have been able to connect with your new councillor, @Phoenix_Rising

Ok-ish is about it at the monent @Determined, hope today is a bit better my Friend

Hello @Darcy, 9 baby chicks Smiley Very Happy lovely


Re: Turtle check-in station

haha you are super good @Phoenix_Rising

Did you mean to post this in the Carers Forum though Smiley Embarassed

Re: Turtle check-in station

Ooooh this was me when @NikNik said I was super good. Smiley Very Happy


Yes @NikNik I did mean to post here in Carers Town. This is where @Darcy and @Determined live so every now and again I swim into the beach, walk up the path, take a right, go past the nest, then past TOR, then go left, climb up the mountain, roll down the other side, take a right, go over the bridge, and land here in Carers Town. Smiley Very Happy

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