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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Anxiety & AHs


just putting this out there to see if anyone else has, or has ever heard of auditory hallucinations with anxiety?


I hear two voices that seem to focus on my weight and anything I eat or even any food. They are not commanding or scary type voices but unfortunately are still extremely irritating, and I find it really shameful to have these two voices.


They mostly make me feel guilt and shame - nothing else.

I've been wondering if my brain has created these two voices to be intertwined with weight problems and the anxiety just makes them go round a voice-hearing merry go round!??!


Would love to know if anyone else has experience auditory hallucinations from anxiety????

Do you have any hints for coping?



Re: Anxiety & AHs

Hi @Hdjf827,

You could try the Coping Box thread  It's just general help, but  it might assist you a little.


Take care 


Re: Anxiety & AHs

Hi @Hdjf827 

I hear voices that come and tell me things. My psychiatrist says to not give them any attention but this is hard. I find the best thing that has helped me is to listen to meditation music. This has a soothing effect and helps you think better. I also am practising listening to podcasts to get the mind active as the voices are in the background now. I don't know how but spend time pampering your mind, also deny thoughts and make good decisions.


Re: Anxiety & AHs

I have not had voices in my head but have had issues for a couple years with music playing in my head all the time, it really bothered me and was really prominent when I am anxious and stressed. I started taking an anti depressant and have found significant relief.  I also found reading very helpful as it keeps your focus on something. 

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