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Community Elder

Disappointing Drug Use

Just want to say how disappointed I was today to find a bag with marijuana dregs in it on the couch today. I asked my 17 yr old son if it was his and he looked guilty and said "yes, but he's only been smoking it occasionally and it won't cause any harm." Just so disappointing because it was probably drug use that brought on his psychotic episode last year ( marijuana, mushrooms, acid, even synthetic LSD ).  He's been going so well on his medication since the episode I was really hoping he may never have any more MI. But if he's already smoking dope again things don't look so hopeful. I just can't understand why he would do this when it's just not necessary and it could trigger another episode. He doesn't seem to believe the drugs cause any problem. But I can't see the point in smoking marijuana. It's not a matter of peer pressure because he smokes it on his own and doesn't socialise much at all. It's just so frustrating.


Re: Disappointing Drug Use

Smiley Sad Oh how frustrating is it when you try to explain some thing that you consider common sense to some one who really doesn't want to acknowledge it.


If he was my son all i can think of saying is: " i don't want you to learn the hard way and suffer more MI issues because your feeling well enough to take drugs again"


Does your son still participate in doctors appointments or work with a social/mental health worker?

it might be time for him to start speaking with a counsellor perhaps- this of course is if he wants to.


Do you have a good relationship with your son? Can you speak to him easily about issues i mean.




Re: Disappointing Drug Use

Thanks Baboo

He willingly attends regular sessions with his psychiatrist. The next one is on the last day of March. After he and the psychiatrist chat for about half an hour I join them for another 10 mins. I suppose at our next meeting I will tell the psychiatrist that my son has started smoking dope again ( I doubt very much my son will tell him). He did have 2 sessions with a psychologist around Christmas time but was going so well they were discontinued.

Yes, I don't know what else to say to him other than what you suggested.Drug taking seems to me to be a very poor choice but I don't know what else I can do. 

We do get along very well ( its just me and him in the household) but he spends most of his time in his room. Last year I suspected he was probably having a puff of dope once a month with friends, but I had no idea he was smoking it everyday. I certainly never thought he would take stronger drugs like acid or synthetic LSD. I thought he was too sensible to do that. He didn't mention it til he was already psychotic. So he's not completely open and honest with me!

After hospitalisation and on medication he's been going really well. Initially he was determined not to take any "recreational" drugs at all, which is why I'm so disappointed he's smoking dope again. I've always had a zero tolerance for drugs in this house, I actually kicked his older brother out years ago because of his persistent drug use. But I can't kick this son out because I have to make sure he has his medication! His father has already told me he's not prepared to have him fulltime, and I don't like his stepmothers influence anyway, and he has no where else to go except his older brother who has substance abuse issues himself.

It's just frustrating and disappointing.    



Re: Disappointing Drug Use

im so glad you two get along well- it makes things a little easier.


And another huge positive is that your son will have another session to attend soon.


Lets really hope your son comes to realise that using drugs wont be the best for him or his MI.


Does your son go to school or any training? Does have hobbies- do you both go out for coffee or movies some times?


im not meaning to sound patronising- but i tell my young son that if he is good for a week- ill take him out for a treat. Maybe if you ask your son what he thinks if he can be clean for a whole month you can take him out to do some thing fun?


Re: Disappointing Drug Use

Thanks, yes, it's good that we get on well and that another appointment is scheduled fairly soon. In the meantime I'm not saying anything more about the drug use, as I don't know how to tackle it and I'd rather things go along calmly than have an unpleasant drama or nagging. I will think about your suggestion as well. There might be something positive I could think of for us to look forward to?? Not sure, will think it over.

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