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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor


I am feeling so displaced & so alone 

i think IV made the wrong decision 

i am so scared that my daughter won't make friends at this new school & the parents won't be inclusive of me & her

was just at a party with the old school friends & I felt so out of place there- I would have anyway-

but it was just like the other parents didn't even bother to come up to me or talk to me cos we have left the school now 

they all sat in a group & I was on the other side of the table all by myself 

& I didn't go up to them either because I felt so excluded & awkward 

like - you're not going to be part of our kids life so not going to bother talking to you-

i hate feeling like this 

mthen the mum of my daughters best friend who always asks me to watch her child so she can go off- didn't ask me but asked another mum- the mum of the girl that my child was playing with because her child was actually being mean to her at this party- so it was like she was taking the friend my child had away & giving it to her daughter- by asking her mum to watch her after the party- my child had already asked if she could play with her after the party & I always do things like that but she said no to my child & then went & asked another mum if her kid could play with her-

i was so pissed off- feeling really displaced & completely alone & so is my daughter-

feeling like I'm close to a breakdown 

just don't know was to do 

at least I know IV done the right thing with her schooling- but this friendship/ loneliness thing is killing us both 

- we literally have no one else 


Re: Displaced

That sounds like a really tough day @Serenity1. You mention that you have done the right thing for her schooling, does this new school provide better opportunities for your daughter?  

Re: Displaced

@Ali11 it will provide a fresh start with teachers who are not mean to her ( hopefully)- because of a preconceived idea they have about me that isn't even true due to an abusive teacher she had in grade one. This is the third year of my daughter being left out, not treated the same as the rest of the class , feeling like the teacher doesn't like her, not receiving a single sticker, reward , prize, spot prize , toy that gets rotated around the class & taken home zip, zero, nothing, nada whilst watching the entire rest of the class gain these gifts of encouragement over & over again- to the point she now believes there is something wrong with her -a safe & friendly environment where she is EQUAL to every other child is what I'm hoping she will get- instead of a toxic & unfair environment she has had for 3 years now- she was even denied her homework but the rest of the class got handed it - so it has impacted her learning & that's just what was noticeable to me because it wasn't being sent home but others were- what was going on in class

Re: Displaced

Sounds like it is a positive move @Serenity1, we're sorry to hear about the experience your daughter has had so far. Is she looking forward to starting the new school? It seems that this will be a new start for both of you, which is a great thing. Are you able to volunteer at the new school? This may be a great way to meet other parents. 

Re: Displaced

@Ali11 my daughter is taking it Really well- she is not sad at all about leaving- she seems to be completely comfortable with the decision- I believe this is because she has recognised for so long now that she has been treated differently by the teachers & put at a disadvantage by the teachers & had to sit by silently & suffer watching all the other children being treated special & her being left out- I really cannot understand how adults let alone teachers can be so discriminatory against an innocent child- for absolutely no reason other than they take a dislike to the parent based on face value nothing that IV said or done.
I expect she will be nervous & am hoping she won't have difficulty making friends & if the same thing happens at this school for no reason- I just don't know what I'll do.
I am word I will affect her positive attitude- because I am so sad, &depressed about leaving good friendships behind that we had built up trust over three years so if I needed help-( even though I was reluctant to ask)- I could with regards to getting my daughter to school or helping others out- now those connections are severed.
I am also struggling with PTSD when my mum took me out of my school & away from my childhood friends I never recovered- I did not make new friends & I went into myself & this was where my isolation & depression & agoraphobia started. I was in high school tho & did not have any family support- my mum did not care & I had NOONE- my daughter knows she has me& I will always be there for her & never stop fighting for what is best for her.

Re: Displaced

Good Luck with your new start @Serenity1 If she feel comfortable with the change she was obviously not losing much from the old school.  Just take your time with it all and have good quality at home time til things open a bit socially.  


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