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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Getting started with DBT

Hi, I am new here and new to  the idea that I may have BPD. I have done a variety of treatments for depression and anxiety over the years without much help. I’ve got some clear bits a ASD (my dad is a pretty full on Aspie), a lot of childhood trauma. The most helpful thing I’ve done so far is ACT training. This has provided a lot of framework around feelings that I never had before. 


But I’m not right and my wife thinks maybe I have BPD, or at least partially. I don’t have much in the way of damaging behavior like major addictions or suicidial ideation, and I’m mostly ok in the wider world, but in the area of intimate relationships there is an lot of unnecessary and unexpected chaos, heartache, etc. 


I’ve read and watched videos on DBT and it really appeals to me as a treatment. But when I asked about it at the place I do ACT training the response was “No, that program’s not for you.”  I think this means they are using it to transition in-patients back into the world and they don’t want to mix people with more chronic, lower intensity issues in with folks in crisis (I may be wrong).  


Regardless, I want to get started with DBT. I’m in Melbourne. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time. 


Re: Getting started with DBT

Hi @Tinman 

Firstly welcome to the forums.

I live in Melbourne too and have just started a course in DBT.

I am not sure if you see a psychiatrist or not but they can put in a referral for you to do DBT. There are a few places around that run DBT courses. You can always google it and find a course. The course I am doing is approved by my private health insurance. It is a private facility that does it. I am not sure if there are any public places around that do it.

Hoping this helps a bit.


Re: Getting started with DBT

@Tinman  yeah if you have the funds then I would suggest that you look for a private group or private professional that specialises in it. DBT is made with BPD in mind as the main issue but it has other uses for other issues as well and as far as relationships go it is pretty helpful with that. There aren't many public programs and if they do have them they usually takes months to get into unless you are considered high risk but i would also suggest private as it tends to give you more control of things and it better shifts for the individual but that is just my opinion. good luck. 

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