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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

I feel terrible

Hi folks, here I am in bed getting ready for yet another trip to the bathroom to do a technicolor chunda, I hate this, I have not had anything to drink or even my meds today. Also have a spectacular chesty cold. If I don't settle by tonight I will have to go to the doctor....which is pretty expensive. What a crappy day!


Re: I feel terrible

Hi Neb big cyber hugs for you.  I have less colour to my illness but have been battling the flu for a couple of weeks now and  I coughed so hard I now have a hernia.  Feeling your pain!

Re: I feel terrible

Well again! Thank you, thank you dear Lord! I am sooooo bored with myself. Hauled my superannuated derrière out of the house and walked pretending to be an elegant lady in her floaty skirt being ruffled by the breeze with my basket, rather than the fat very middle aged loser tottering down the road arriving at the library to discover I had come on the wrong day for the knitting group, had a nice chat to the very dear librarians who know everyone by their first name! Stumped up to church to pay a visit as a thank you, then home to drive the wee distance, I could have walked but the romantic of myself could not be sustained, and had coffee and bikkies with some all is well in my little world! Hope if anyone bothered reading this is healthy and happy!

Re: I feel terrible

Big hugs back JT.....flu ain't fun neither, get well soon, what will happen with the hernia?

Re: I feel terrible

I like the elegant lady in ruffles Neb! I often wonder if I lived in upstairs downstairs era which would I have been? A stressed out domestic worker or a pampered but probably bored lady!
Middled aged loser? I think not Neb..middle aged is new 30!
Glad to read you are in better spirits, hopefully your cold/flu is going! Now what I would love to have is a minion, someone to carry my backpack for me instead of me...but neither of my children want to be my minion..Dang! Have to do it myself...

Re: I feel terrible

It's very minor - have been told to go back in if I get any pain.  Now the coughing has eased up it's not so much of a problem thank goodness.

Re: I feel terrible

Neb, It musyt be that time of year, I am at the end of that precarious tether and I just don't know what to do. I am lower than a snakes belly and can see no way of crawling out, othing is working. Strange isn't it one day full of wisdom , next full of hopelessness , where do I go, what can I do???. I wish I could say what you have just said but even though medication does not help you still swallow them with the hope that things will right themselves, I cannot see a way out. Maybe it will dawn once again on me or back into the looney bin again. Sorry to load everyone up.


Re: I feel terrible

Hey @Loopy

it's a bugger when you're feelings are in charge, being lower than a snake's belly is no place to be..when you have expereinced seconds, minutes, hours, days or weeks like this, what helped you get though it? I am wondering if chatting to your Grandaughter might help?

We all have these days where it's just crap, but hang in there Loopy and if your usual strategies (medication, mindfulness, writing, whatever it is that got you through the worst in the past), try something different. Can you call a service you trust if it gets too tough to handle? The Suicide CallBack service is very helpful, @NikNik or @Karma or @Baloo or @ CherryBomb has posted the numbers of services like this in another post.

@moderators can you put a list of after hours numbers up like suicide call back service, lifeline, etc? That would be very helpful..

Thanks and @Loopy, use the strategies that work or try something new..keep us posted here on the Forum so we know you're ok...feelings are like the weather and the bad weather can't last...let time pass..

Virtual hug to you!!


Re: I feel terrible

Toall those poor buggers with that orrible flu, not yet had it, I know that it can knock your socks off as well as punish your lungs and belt the crap out of you tummy. Old remedy, warm lemon and water drink, aspro and get your core temp. up. The bug hates all three. Soon it will abandon you body then only memories remain.

Hopefully helpful


Re: I feel terrible

@Alessandra1992, I'm not sure if you've noticed, (it is a little hidden), but lifeline is listed at the top of the forums? I like your idea though, I'll mention it to the others, maybe we could make it clearer, for easy access.


Thanks for all your contributions, hopefully you new business is a good state?

We look forward to seeing you back here when you can.Woman SadWoman Happy

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