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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

I think I should give up

I don't have the strength for this,

September is normally a bad month but now I have my mother calling me a bad parent and threatening to take my son, I have debt issues over a stupid laptop that I'm renting to buy through RT Edwards, my ear is swelling, I have a chest infection that is playing havoc with my asthma, I'm trying to make sure my son doesn't have any major falls and his cast and displace the bone even further, and I run out of distraction cleaning


Re: I think I should give up

Hey @BabyDragon, there is so much going on for you right now - a lot for any one to handle.

It's really impressive you are able to open up and explore your feelings here - what exactly does "I think I should give up" mean for you?

If you wanted to explore this all one-on-one with someone - how do you normally do that? Of course you can call these services to talk with a professional if things are getting overwhelming:
Lifeline: 13 11 14 or Crisis Chat
Suicide call back service: 1300 659 467 or online counselling
Samaritans: 135 247

What other coping strategies to do you have for times like this?

Re: I think I should give up

@s-jay normally I talk to my psych but she it on holidays until October.


A bit of insight on me, my son is the only reason I am alive today I found out I was pregnant with him the day before I planned to Si and finding out that was pregnant gave me something to live for. If that is taken away I don't think I could continue in this world. 


I usually clean when I'm stressed or overwhelmed all my other coping strategies help my anxiety mostly. I colour, sew, knit, crochet, write, origami.


My son is home from school soon and I can't wait to get cuddles. 


Re: I think I should give up

don`t give upmy darling @BabyDragon HeartHeart


Re: I think I should give up

I'm trying really hard to keep going @Shaz51, but I'm running out the mojo 


Re: I think I should give up

I know my @BabyDragon HeartHeartone step at a time my friend , I kno it is not the same but mebsig here for my stepchilden has been hard , sending you hugs Heart

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