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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

It's a joke.... all of this

I can't go to hospital because that is going to tarnish my record. I can't afford that.

Why is MH so feared? why do people treat it like the plague? All I want is a damn job and to earn my keep with the skills I have but it's almost like no one wants to take a chance......


Re: It's a joke.... all of this

Hey @Hamsolo01 , I don't think going to hospital is going to put a black mark on your name and record.  People fear what they don't understand.  Hope your doing alright mate.  

Re: It's a joke.... all of this

Idk @Gazza75

I think certain government bodies and companies that get information on their candidates have access to medicare records or similar - i know that the information i supply to my GP is shared with third parties. That just makes me anxious about it all.

I think the fact I have a history with MH - regardless of its relatively low impact to say something more serious - is enough to make companies question it....

thanks for your support though

Re: It's a joke.... all of this

I understand why you might be anxious about it @Hamsolo01 .  Goverment MAY have access to some records, but, I seriously doubt companies would.  Criminal records might be different, but, medical information would not be disclosed unless you agreed to it in some way.  The information shared with 3rd parties would be pretty generic  I would imagine.


Have you had feedback from prospective employees referencing your MH?

Re: It's a joke.... all of this

nah i havent had feedback about it @Gazza75

I'm just concerned because whenever info about health is shared with third parties i get suspicious

Re: It's a joke.... all of this

@Hamsolo01  if there is a particular job that has said no and didnt have any other reason to say no and did know about your MI then you can always try and put in a complaint because legally it is discrimination and it isnt legal to refuse someone employment because of a helath issue bar certain professions for example people who regualrly faint or such arent allowed to drive trucks. but so long as it is safe to be doing the job they cannot refuse only on the ground that you have a health issue. i am not saying that they dont in practice but that if they do you can take it up with the fair work commission if you wanted. 

Re: It's a joke.... all of this

If you need to go to hospital,  then go.  You do not need to tell anyone,  friends ETc that you are going to a psychiatric hospital.  Just say hospital. 

3rd party disclose means they can talk to the police or to another hospital,  if you need to be transferred.  They do not tell a future employer or anyone else about your hospital stay.  It is completely private. 

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