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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

OCD and psychosis

I am having trouble with something. I know OCD can make you have weird thoughts that are a bit out there but then I am also diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder so I get thoughts that some would consider psychotic..... but what if some thoughts are kind of both? can that happen? for example I have an OCD issue with contamination and do a lot of things to avoid sickness but I also get scared that i can catch an illness through a tv or phone and stuff like that. I know that that seems super wierd but I still believe that if I see someone on tv who is sick that I will catch it unless I do certain things (repeating things or tapping things usually). I know if it is OCD you are supposed to know that it is weird and not genuinely believe it but still feel compelled to do the thing anyway. but i know it is weird except i DO genuinely believe it can happen so idk what it is. and yes i know maybe it doesnt matter to know what is what but it does matter to me. 


Re: OCD and psychosis

@Eden1919  Hey Eden1919 like you know I also have schizoaffective disorder but no OCD (as far as I know.....). When I am 'psychotic' I believe diseases can float through the open window and contaminate my food, drinks etc. I have to throw them out and rinse containers well and start again. No OCD symptoms (??) just normal cleaning. I hope that helps. Love peaxxx

Re: OCD and psychosis

@greenpea  thanks for the reply..... sadly it has just made me even more confused Smiley LOL I know these things are hard to sort out but now I really wonder what is what anymore. maybe it is both.... maybe everything is all the same big ball of whatever is is that lives in my head. i have no idea but i need a nap. 

Re: OCD and psychosis

@Eden1919 I have OCD but have never had psychosis and I have contamination obsessions that are quite abstract. I can feel contaminated by specific objects and situations. It's not really that I'm scared of getting sick, but more that my mind (and body) will somehow become contaminated and I won't be able to shake the feeling that I have scarab beetles or ants crawling under my skin. I've also been triggered by an object on the television before.

Re: OCD and psychosis

Hi @Eden1919, it sounds like you've got some really valid and important questions. While it can be super helpful hearing about the experience of others, I would recommend talking to a health professional when it comes to concerns around a diagnosis 😊😊



Re: OCD and psychosis

@Eden1919 HeartSmiley Happyxx

Re: OCD and psychosis

@Moonstone  thats not really what i am asking for and I have already seen professionals and have already been diagnosed with both. I am wondering specifically about peoples experience with these issues.


@Lise07  i too get the feeling that you cant shake and get triggered easily it really is strange how these things work, when you get triggered by something how long does it last? for me it can go on for months or even never completely leave. 

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