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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor


i dont understand i was ok i was managing but just now i just got a flash from the people who hurt me i feel like they are about to burst in through the door any second and take me. but then i havent done or said anything to anyone but i still feel like they are coming. my heart is racing and i feel tears coming and i am starting to shake. i havent done anything they cant come i cant have them come again. i am scared. why wont the panic go away i dont understand why i didnt do anything wrong. 



@Eden1919 sorry to hear this is happening.
I’m no good at giving advice but when I’m panicked sometimes I try and distract could be trashy tv, listen to music that makes me feel safe and evokes good memories.
Could you make yourself a nice cup of tea or have a bath? Thinking of you hun x


@Eden1919  Hi Eden1919 so sorry that your are going through this. Hopefully today these feelings will have calmed down a bit for you. We are here for you Eden1919 always. Love greenpea xxx


@Newby @greenpea  thanks it was not the kind i could distract from sadly it got worse after i posted and i ended up shaking and crying while curled up in a ball on my bed. it has settled down a bit for now but i have been on edge all day. it just came on so suddenly i was just sitting there then for some reason got a flash of what happened in my head and then i just lost it then i thought it was calming down which is when i posted but then it came back again but worse. idk how to stop it. 


@Eden1919 how are you feeling now? Thinking of you


Hey @Eden1919  I hope you have found some peace from these horrible and terrifying thoughts. I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you.


@Newby @Queenie  thank you both. i am a bit better today but i am still very on edge i tried to go to a resident event today but only lasted half an hour i feel really spacey aswell and am having a hard time studying i dont even feel like i am here half the time. 

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