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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Peri natal depression and anxiety

This is my first time here and am hoping I can feel some sort of relief by writing about my problems until I start seeing my psychiatrist and psychologist. I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks ago. We planned
for this and wanted a sibling for our 3 year old. One week in I felt happiness and excitement. But then all of a sudden this depression and anxiety set in and I cant do anything anymore but to feel like a failure. I had the baby blues after my first and was nervous and crying before the birth of my first but luckily it passed. I’ve always had some depression and anxiety and knew I could be more susceptible but im just at a point where I feel like it’s never going to feel normal again. I feel dread and cant be happy about my pregnancy or baby. When my partners home and my family is around me I start to feel normal again and can laugh and eat again but morning come and im back at feeling this way. I’ve reached out to my gp and am happy about the steps im taking but I just have so many worries and concerns I feel angry at myself that I get like this. I just want to be a good mum to my toddler and newborn and stop feeling so guilty. Has anyone else been through this? Is there hope that I will get past this? Im so scared of getting worse and being away from my todddler. I’ve been crying for last 4 days and have had lots of anxiety but I am definitely better than the first day. Im hoping it’s just alot of hormones and my iron deficiency at play too and that I might feel better after the first trimester.


Re: Peri natal depression and anxiety

Hi Zara1 

Welcome to the forums!. CandyCane one of the moderators here!. I'm sorry to hear about your struggles and acknowledge how difficult this time must be for you. You are more than welcome to post on the forums and share your experiences or gain advice. I also wanted to share with you another avenue to seek more specific support here. I am not sure if you have heard of this before but i think it may be useful. 

Once again, welcome and happy to have you here with us!


Re: Peri natal depression and anxiety

Hi candycane
Thank you for the support and yes I have had a look and found it comforting to know that this is not as uncommon as I thought and that it is temporary. It’s good to read the recovery stories, it gives me hope for my own recovery.

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