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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Plenty is not right

My adult daughter with bpd is going through a tough psychotic stage, probably largely due to excessive alcohol use. She should be in rehab or hospital but won’t go. The two psychologists and psychiatrist she has seen over the last year have all told her in different words that she’s too hard and they won’t treat her. Is it ok to ask for recommendations for service providers in these forums? If yes, we’re in Perth. More specifically, we need a psychologist who will work long term with very difficult patients and who will use a coaching approach rather than a sit back and listen approach. The story is very long and believe me we’ve been through everything you can imagine, other than the final and I fear ever more likely outcome. 


Re: Plenty is not right

Hi there @HopeH 


I'm Jupiter, one of the moderators here on the SANE forums. Welcome to the forums!


It sounds like it's been a long road trying to find the right support for your daughter. 


You ask whether it is okay to ask for specific service recommendations on the forums. As the forums are an anonymous place for the safety of members, we ask that members do not share their location or specific services they are involved with. This is to ensure no one becomes identifiable through what they share. 


I hope you understand and that you still find the forums a helpful and supportive place to be.


If you like, you can introduce yourself here.

Re: Plenty is not right

Welcome to the forum @HopeH, we're sorry to hear about your daughter. Things must be quite stressful for you right now, please know that there is support for you out there and you will find the right help. Are you able to see your GP for a new recommendation?

Re: Plenty is not right

@HopeH , I feel the same way atm; plenty is not right.  

I'm supporting my 16yo daughter with a bunch of diognoses, have been on this road for years with counsellors, on to psychologists, then clinical psychcologists, then psychiatrists, hospital admissions, medication by the bucket load.....

Psychology support has been a really important part of her care plan.  I don't really have anything positive to say about Pdocs, right now.  Hopefully that will change...

In relation to finding the right psychologist, maybe it's worth getting in touch with specific condition support services, or mental health clinics and asking if their stuff have clinicians that meet your parameters??

It is so hard.  I know and feel for you.


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