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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Prejudice people who need help

I've noticed that everybody needs care and support & has needs and wants. I've noticed that everybody has a preconceived idea about everyone. This thread is to help those who are being persecuted bye the ones whom are most close to them. (or feels they are being wrongly used and taken advantage of)  And to help the persecutors realise the error of their ways before to much damage is done. Anyone is welcome on this thread. 


Re: Prejudice people who need help

Hi @eudemonism, thanks for kicking off this discussion. Asserting our needs is particularly important in caring relationships (although not always easy to do). Are there any specific questions you'd like to put out to community around this? What difficulties have you experienced and have have you moved through them?

Re: Prejudice people who need help

Well @Margot it upsets me when people use prejudices against myself or anyone else as a matter of a fact. I suppose you could say there is healthy and unhealthy prejudices. Both very confronting... A fine line between right and wrong...

How can anyone or any system, use prejudices against another, as if they have the right too, before they have even realized they should be only worried about prejudices coming upon themselves, - which have reasons behind them that are justified & that indeed need to be & can only be dealt with - bye themselves? And then basically pass the admittance of problems and responsibility for these problems and accountability for these problems onto another human being? How is that meant to work?


Re: Prejudice people who need help

Interesting and complex questions @eudemonism Bias and prejudice can certainly get in the way of equity and understanding. What do others think? Have you come across bias and prejudice? How do you recognise it in yourself and others? What might you do to overcome it?

Re: Prejudice people who need help

@Margot I'm confident I know the answers. But do you?

It's a predicament we all must face. And realizing and being aware of this is the beginning to change.

I'll answer when I feel more ready. Do you know what I'm talking about though? You must! Eude

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