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New Contributor

Suicide thoughts and after

Just wanted to ask if anyone here has had thoughts of suicide and eventually been glad to have decided against it? I am struggling to believe that these thoughts will pass and I will be glad to keep living. Thanks in advance 


Re: Suicide thoughts and after

Hi Axl38 its Iris one of the moderators here, Id like to welcome you to the forum. It sounds like you have been struggling in the past and maybe today is another struggle for you, have you linked in with any professional suppports such as Lifeline 13 11 14 or your gp? Remeber these agencies are there for you to get that extra support. Just a reminder we are not a crisis service so please avail yourself of Lifeline, your gp and other professional supports if you are feeling vulnerable and or suicidal. I am sure you will get great positive support from the other forum members, they are such a supportive network. Take care if you dont feel safe please contact Lifeline 13 11 14 and or emergency services 000


Re: Suicide thoughts and after

Hi @Axl38 and welcome to the forum. It sounds like things are really tough right now. How long have you been feeling like this?

I'm someone who at times has felt suicidal. I've sat wondering whether it could ever get better, being almost certain it wouldn't and couldn't. I don't struggle like I used to and I am glad I'm still here. I think it helped me to hold on to that 'almost' part of being almost certain it wouldn't get better. I couldn't know for sure whether it would get better but I knew I had to be around to see whether it would. I also held on (and still do at times) to the idea of suicide being a permanent solution to what is likely to be a temporary problem. It sounds cliche but I know things can change and pass.

Do you have any supportive people in your life who know what you're going through? It also helped me to talk about it with people who cared and who could understand or at least try to understand.

I get how hard it is to be in a place where it's a struggle to feel like it's worth continuing and I know lots of people here get that too. I hope you find it helpful to be here.

Re: Suicide thoughts and after

I think many people to varying degrees do. And nearly all the population could have such thoughts if they were to be out through enough loss and pain. 


But it is a final act for the individual. They will never get to do any of their favourite things again. 


It is not a final act for all those left behind. They are left with a life time of hurt, pain and wondering what they could have done. I am going through this for the second time in my life after being the last to see my brother alive and the one to find him dead when I was an adolescent. And have just recently learn my ex partner who I tried so hard to help has done it. Everyone owes it to themselves and all those around them to at least try to live. No one will be happy all the time. If you can't find happiness find meaning in life. With meaning comes the desire to keep going. Accept nothing will be easy and that there is more to a persons  life than themselves. 

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