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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Things to look for in a nervous breakdown... What are they?

Is there list somewhere, so I know if I've had a nervous breakdown. These feelings have been a part of me for many decades, with dips and lows, more than peace and joy. Emotional and mental pain ends up being physical and I can hardly bare it as I am in my mid 50s and its getting harder. Is there a checklist to see. Thinking back over I could have had a few. I am heading for another. Life is extremely difficult right now, it will manifest into something physical as well the accompanying mental anguish.


Re: Things to look for in a nervous breakdown... What are they?

Hi @@,@Dark_Olena , I'm sorry things are "really difficult" for you atm 😞 but glad you're talking about it (well done!). 
I don't think "nervous breakdown" is a medical term anymore, but certainly is part of general public's language. I've had a couple of 'breakdowns' My
 understanding of "nervous breakdown" is where our nerves (mind and emotions) are not functioning as well as they normally would to the point of not coping... C
oping thresholds are different for everyone, but I think one earns the title when the dysfunction affects daily living (work, sleep, diet, perception, relationships, and self talk). If all these areas have broken down, then I'd say you're at risk of a 'breakdown' (also known as "major depressive episode') I also withdrew, lost future hope, gave away everything, and started spacing out a lot (which I now understand to be dissociation). 
I'm not a mental health professional, just had a couple "breakdowns" (hospitalisations)
. Its really difficult to claw back a  life of functioning again - now I know the signs I go get help and activate all I've learnt, eg mindfulness... 
 I had many major stressors in a 6month period:
 lost a pregnancy, a job,  a fiance, moved interstate,  my siser turned on me, I got shunned by my church community, disappointed God, and my parents, abused prescription drugs, and plummeted into risky behavuours and self harm / suicide attempts. It was a monumental meltdown both times. Key difference for me was abusive childhood (not strong within & never ask for help)
  and no 'real' family or friend support (no support props). So i crashed hard.. 
Does any of this sound familiarto you?
Have you talked with your GP or anyone in real life about it?

Re: Things to look for in a nervous breakdown... What are they?

@EOR I need a new day to think, today is bad. I can't think clear at all. I'll respond tomorow at some point. Thankyou for your support.


Re: Things to look for in a nervous breakdown... What are they?

@Dark_Olena, how are you feeling this morning. Sorry about all my typos above, I've edited corrected them. Just have a tiny phone here. There's facts sheets on SANE home page which might help you.
I hope more ppl come onboard for you here... @Gazza75, Moderator, @Dec, @Appleblossom, @Shaz51, @Mazarita, @eth

Re: Things to look for in a nervous breakdown... What are they?

hi @Dark_Olena 

i have come across thiese sites  that might be helpful. you can find it here  and here

i hope todays abit better for you. 

can you access your supports? its good youve recognised things are really tough for you and that your not coping that well. sometimes it helps to catch things early so you can get the right supports.


Re: Things to look for in a nervous breakdown... What are they?

Hi @EOR,    Thank you for your support. I appreciate you sharing your experience. Hope you are finding a place of healing and using what you’ve learned to recover. 


 For me mental anguish is long term and been long building. My personality is a highly sensitive type. Raised with emotional neglect and a realisation mother was narcissist, and one sister a narcissist as well and enabled each other in their pursuits to mentally abuse me and 2 other sisters. Mother died 13months ago.


 My nature  is passive with low self esteem so I was scapegoat. I haven’t done any inner child healing, so it’s still affecting my relationships today. I have a huge fear of rejection and abandonment. My daughter has NDIS funding for her autism. I became a nanna 5 years ago, 2 years in the relationship is on a decline to this year resulting in being discarded as part of my sons, his wife and their children’s lives.


 They resent my care for my daughter as they had an  unspoken expectation that I would be saving them childcare fees, but it is not happening . I am no longer of benefit. I just feel like my  family life is really really small these days. I am bungling NDIS appointments for my daughter and find myself having more panic attacks and dread and doom thoughts and feelings, wondering if I will see my son again.


 I spoke to someone today on the phone, one of those bungled appointments rang me up and I nearly broke down with her, she asked me if I had those ending things feelings and I said no. It really sucks that my family of origin was crap and now my son and his family, I’m losing, what is it about me. I think its my kind and passive nature and sharing hurts of past that allow toxic people to use and discard me. I am broken.


My own thoughts now   I feel like there will be a time of no more suffering and that would be refreshing but I don’t think I could do that, to make it come quicker, and I would not do that to my husband or daughter. I have lost hope though of ever having life that is not loaded with anguish and sadness. There are so many complex things to feel hopeless about over my adult daughters autism. I am becoming unravelled. Loss of hope is the worst feeling because  then it’s a realisation this feeling could not be resolved. I am seeing psychologist on 27th September, but the lady on the phone call wants me to see someone sooner.


I feel I disengage or disassociate as a way of coping or not, hence not being connected to things I need to focus on eg, appointments, etc. then bungling and getting wrong dates. done this 3 times in one month. I am too scared for anyone to see I’m not coping. What do people do with or to you when you admit these things ,force you into hospital, never trust you again? Take your dependants from you.  Thankyou for being here for me.



Re: Things to look for in a nervous breakdown... What are they?

Hey there @Dark_Olena  you certainly are a resilient and self-reflective person. I want to thank you for being so open and honest with us, we're all here backing you within the forums Heart


Regarding these heavy thoughts, please know there's support available if you need. Our SANE help centre is open 10am-10pm on 1800 18 7263. There's also Suicide Callback Service and Lifeline as well.



Re: Things to look for in a nervous breakdown... What are they?

nature's gift.jpg


@Dark_Olena  - there's a lot in your last post, and I need time to think. In the meantime I found with websites that will help ass as likelihood of a breakdown  based on stressors, if you'd like to add up your score... let us know what it is.

Deep breaths, stay strong. 🌻💕



Re: Things to look for in a nervous breakdown... What are they?

Hi @EOR,  Thanks for this link. One didnt work, that doesnt matter. On the other I scored 327.  300  and over determines a 80% change of stress related illness. 

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