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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Uncontrolled feelings for others

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you would have seen and heard the endless news reports on Cardinal George Pell.


Im not catholic or religious in any way, shape or form, and am definately not one of his victims.  Predators come from all sorts of backgrounds, religions, race... they are everywhere.


Since he has been found guilty though, I’ve found myself to be extremely anxious and fearful.  I desperately want him to feel the full effects of justice but there is a huge part of me that fears he’s going to get away with it.  


I feel so much compassion for his victims, and this from someone that generally has no emotion about anything.  Every time I hear a news report about this I just want to cry, my insides feel like they are twisting up, I can’t take deep breaths in and I feel just terrible.  My abusers never faced justice, and I feel like if this monster gets away with it, then I am being let down all over again, if that makes sense?  


I can’t be the only person who feels this way ??





Re: Uncontrolled feelings for others

Hi @Razzle  thanks so much for posting about this, it's a really important issue and no doubt you've touched on an experience that speaks to many. I am so sorry to hear what these events are bringing up for you, it totally makes sense. Especially when you're holding this sense of injustice, and trying to process everything whilst this plays out in the media.

Know you are not alone, and the community hears you Heart. Also don't forget there's some services that can support you around this such as 1800Respect (1800 737 732) and Blue Knot Foundation 1300 657 380.

Re: Uncontrolled feelings for others

@nashy   I’ve tried to avoid news updates today, but I did see an article that suggests he will win an appeal on a technicality and possibly have the guilty verdict overturned or even quashed.


If this happens, how many people like myself will keep their secret and never seek justice.  I am terrified to go to the police about my own CSA, and if someone so prominant gets away with it with some big names still supporting him, why on earth would anyone want to put themselves through all that for nothing?? 


This result will impact not only his own victims, it will affect CSA victims everywhere.  If he gets off on a technicality, then we can no longer have faith in the justice system, that there is no point ever in seeking justice.


Re: Uncontrolled feelings for others


I can relate and have admitted the possibility that Pell will appeal on technicality.  In the presentencing I sat bar one from a fellow who was in law and in Church and batting for Pell. Pell has connections with money.

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I also relate to your post on BB's thread, where you wrote about becoming a grandma and issues with your son's partner's family.  I thought I might start a new thread about that topic.

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Joy for the coming little person.

Re: Uncontrolled feelings for others

@Appleblossom  I spoke to my councillor on Wednesday about Pell.  He has offered me some reassurance about it all.  His office is part of a catholic diocese, I don’t know if he’s catholic, or religious at all, or if he operates privately but just out of that

office - I am paying as a private client.  He said most people in the office believe him to be guilty and that there are more people ready to come forward.  I’m not his victim, I’ve never met the man, but it has had a huge impact on me - which doesn’t even make sense to me.  I just can’t bare the thought that he could walk.

Re: Uncontrolled feelings for others

Many people are effected by this situation.  I guess it triggers our issues around power, sexuality and all that is good and bad

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